Read All About the Life and Times of Bettie Page!

by Jeff

bettie Read All About the Life and Times of Bettie Page!If you’ve searched at all, you know we’re big fans of Bettie Page. We have dozens of items that carry her image, and we’re avid followers of many of the artists who have been inspired by her over the years. So, after her sad passing, we decided we needed to create something special for us and all of her fans: behold, our Life and Times of Bettie Page tribute!

We’ve included a bio, her career highlights, a fabulous visual timeline (thanks, Mike!), and even some fun facts about Bettie you may not have known (did you know she was the salutatorian of her high school?). Bookmark the Page page, and you can get your Bettie fix whenever you want!

So pull up around the campfire here. What’s your favorite Bettie picture (mine’s the one at the top of the post). Which artist do you think captured her essence best (Jim Silke FTW!). Did we miss anything in the bio? Post your comments and opinions below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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