Ratti Entertainment Signs Publishing Deal with Blackline Comics

by Jeff

Columbus, Ohio, June 25, 2009- Ratti Entertainment Inc. has inked a Publishing deal with Blackline Comics to market and distribute worldwide their comic book series entitled “Black Salt The Last Heroes Left”. Blackline Comics will distribute through Print, ITunes, IPod, Online, Syndication, convention appearances and merchandising. This publishing company brings a combined 40 years worth of experience in the comic industry both in retail and on the creative side between the two principles of Jay Savage and Mike Delepine.

With the successful launch of Ratti Entertainment Inc.’s apparel line the comic book series will be the second product line to introduce the Black Salt feature film franchise to the world and to help establish the project as a bankable IP. The story is adapted from the original screen play by Owen Ratliff, creator/producer and written by Chad Boudreau, artwork by J.C. Grande and colors by Santosh Kumar Rath. The first 32-page, full-color issue of Black Salt The Last Heroes Left also contains content from the feature film franchise. This comic book is also the preview issue for the trade paperback entitled “Black Salt Return to Shaolin”.

Owen Ratliff, President of Ratti Entertainment Inc., added, “We are thrilled to have signed with Blackline Comics. They really understand the new digital age of distribution and will only sign 7 to 8 titles to heavily market and promote these comic book projects”.

Black Salt is a PG-13 martial arts feature film franchise for worldwide distribution. Black Salt is a cross between Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon meets Blade, but much more. Ratti Entertainment Inc. has been working on this innovative intellectual property for the past 6 years and is now in the last phase of development. The franchise includes, but will not be limited to, the following Black Salt collectible items: the Apparel line, Comic books, Trading cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video games and Film trilogy. To learn more about the project please visit: http://www.blacksaltfilm.com

The marketing strategy for the film was designed to create a demand for the product by bringing the consumer aboard in the development phase and letting them participate in the movie making process and secondly, creating multi product revenue streams for the film before it is even made. The important point to remember about this project is that we have set this up as a series of cross-promotional campaigns. This simply means upon the growth of popularity in one of the Black Salt brand product areas, it will crossover to other areas which will generate a huge buzz. This will also attract more customers to our products, sponsors to our brands, investors to our business model, and actors to the film.

About Ratti Entertainment Inc.

Owen Ratliff, a California native started Ratti Entertainment, Inc. right out of college and has been in business for well over a decade. The Company started out doing marketing and business consulting for start up and existing businesses and buying and selling real estate to generate capital. Ratti evolved into entertainment as a concert promoter and then created an independent record label as a means to provide an outlet for Midwest artist. Ratti Entertainment, Inc. signed many up and coming artist and released over 12 albums in which several hit the billboard charts. When the overseas market got in the picture, sales skyrocketed. The film industry began to take notice of the company’s rapid success and offers for both movie and commercial deals were thrown its way. Ratti Entertainment Inc. produced songs on soundtracks which went gold and platinum.

The Company soon made another transition into the film industry. Owen’s first film project a psychological thriller entitled “Unstable Minds”, which he co-produced with director Surinda Singh.

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