Rally’s Batman #1 Receives Record $2M Buyout Offer

by Sarah Thomas

012623H-1024x536 Rally’s Batman #1 Receives Record $2M Buyout OfferOn November 18 2022, Rally made shares of a CGC 8.0 Batman #1 (Larsen copy) available to the public. Today, they’ve announced a record-breaking buyout offer. Should it be accepted by the shareholders, it’ll set a new high for both the grade and for any comic ever hosted by Rally.

It only took a little over two months for the offer to come in.  Someone has offered a whopping 2 MILLION DOLLARS, and they’ve done so before the item even opens for trading. That’s an 11.1% return in just 10 weeks!

There aren’t many Bats out there.

This figure is in no small part due to the rarity of this title in such a high grade. While there are 291 copies registered on the CGC census (136 of which are blue labels), a mere 7 are listed with a grade higher than 8.0.  Copies of Batman #1 in any grade are nearly impossible to find and public sales of CGC 8.0 examples have occurred just eight times since 2002.

This exact same copy last crossed the million dollar mark in a sale through Goldin for $1,440,000 on Sep 18, 2021.

00_Batman1_Rally_11-e1674776387936-195x300 Rally’s Batman #1 Receives Record $2M Buyout Offer

Whether this offer is accepted by the shareholders or not, it’s by far the largest amount offered for a comic held through Rally. Additionally, the sale would set a sturdy new high for the CGC 8.0 – beating the previous record for the grade by $560,000. In fact, it nearly cracks the current record of $2,220,000 for this title (a CGC 9.4 that sold on 1/17/21 through Heritage Auctions).

Unfamiliar with Rally?

Rally-Rd-e1572509988147-300x144 Rally’s Batman #1 Receives Record $2M Buyout Offer

Rally is a platform for buying & selling equity in high-value assets with historical or cultural significance.  This allows investors to purchase shares of assets. It’s similar to the way they would buy a share of a stock in an IPO. They also facilitate a secondary market for those assets through registered broker-dealers within the app.

Investing in a rare comic on Rally is a way for everyone to get meaningful access to the things they really care about rather than just investing in another ticker symbol. After all, which of us has never wanted to tell people that they own an iconic comic?

What bubble?

In a time when we’re seeing iconic keys like Amazing Fantasy #15 and Hulk #1 sales sliding downward and day-to-day comic sales landing far lower than we’re used to, this copy of Batman #1 is holding strong.

Have you ever participated in a fractional investment opportunity? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments!

CheckOutTheComicPriceGuide_Footer Rally’s Batman #1 Receives Record $2M Buyout Offer*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Adam Chace January 27, 2023 - 11:03 pm

I’ve been dabbling in Rally for a year or so and this book is one I went in for 50 shares. I’ll probably vote to approve but I enjoyed having a piece of this!


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