Radical Publishing February 2010 Solicitations

by Jeff

aladdin2c Radical Publishing February 2010 SolicitationsThe kind folks at Radical Publishing have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the December 2009 Previews, scheduled to ship February 2010.


Written by Ian Edginton, art by Stjepan Sejic and Patrick Reilly, covers by Arthur Suydam, Lucio Parrillo and Clayton Crain.

After his descent into the mysterious caverns for the sorcerer Qassim, the thieving rogue known as Aladdin has reappeared in the city of Shambhalla. He is no longer a pauper, but a rich and decadent prince, transformed by the power of the Djinn of the Lamp! However, when Qassim exposes Aladdin and kidnaps the lovely Princess Soraya, there’s only one man Aladdin can turn to: Sinbad, the mariner of legend. With Sinbad’s help, Aladdin must journey to the hidden depths of the city to parlay with the world’s deadliest sovereign. She’ll help the duo track Qassim…but for a price far beyond even Aladdin’s imagination.

48 pages, $4.99.


Written by Rick Remender, art by Greg Tocchini, lettered by Rus Wooton, covers by Alex Maleev and Tocchini.

While trained killer Kevin Cash goes to retrieve an important component to the heist, his girlfriend Shelby seduces Graham Bricke, leaving the two to deal with their own set of problems. Meanwhile, left-for-dead gangster Enrique is looking for revenge along with two mysterious cops that are following their every move. But when Shelby is kidnapped by Enrique’s Mexican gang, can Graham rescue her before time runs out?

64 pages, $4.99.


Written by M. Zachary Sherman, art by Bagus Hutomo and Leos “Okita” Ng, cover by Tae Young Choi.

Venus, 2250. After five years of war, the last free colony in the Solar System is about to fall. Unknown to the attacking Marines‹or even the colonists themselves‹the most infamous heroine of the war has gone into hiding in exile on their planet. Now Samantha Vijaya must organize a revolt against the very Marines she once fought alongside and lead the colonists to freedom.

Collecting the series with never-before-seen production renderings, creator interviews as well as a gallery of cover art, including images from Arthur Suydam, Marko Djurdjevic, Clint Langley and more!

184 pages, $14.95.

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