Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da Vinci

by Patrick Bain

Frank-Quitely-300x157 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da VinciVincent Deighan, a.k.a. Frank Quitely, has quietly built an impressive portfolio.  The Scottish artist caught my attention as a candidate for 21st Century Da Vinci.  To be nominated, I’m looking for artists whose primary works originated since the year 2000.  Generally, I like to see abundant credits for top-tier characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Superman, and Batman.  And the most important criteria, do people buy art by the Da Vinci candidate?  Quitely’s dramatic Batman and Robin art grabbed my attention, let’s see what catches yours!

UK Artist Frank Quitely’s Resume´

Batman-and-Robin-10-by-Frank-Quitely-199x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da VinciUnlike my last Da Vinci, Simone Bianchi, Deighan does not hail from Italy, but he does have roots on the other side of the ‘pond’.  The Scottish artist shares the UK with luminaries like Dave Gibbons and Brian Bolland. All three have shined internationally as well as in the U. S.  The three also share the same representatives, BritComicsArt.com.

Batman-and-Robin-10-195x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da VinciUnder his pen name Frank Quitely, Batman and Robin #10 cover art quietly pulled in the impressive price of $9,560 in 2017.  The cover depicting Robin threatening Batman screams at prospective buyers.  However, I call it quiet because pencil-only art misses out on bold inks.  Yet, it sold for almost ten grand three-plus years ago!  That’s awesome demand.

Batman and Robin #10 GoCollect FMV 9.8 price rings in at $36.  The first Batman and Robin issue by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is only slightly higher at $46 for FMV 9.8.

Frank Quitely Quietly Impressive Art for Sale

Jupiters-Legacy-2-by-Frank-Quitely-closeup-195x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da VinciI mentioned BritComicsArt.com, previously.  Looking at the Frank Quitely offerings on their site, you’ll find some DC original art.   Examples of Jupiter’s Legacy art abound.  If you enjoyed Quitely’s collaboration with Mark Millar on the Image series, those pages may be obtained directly from the artist through his reps.  Alternatively, I’ve seen current listings for Quitely art at  Heritage Auctions.  Some bargains may be found there.

Jupiter’s Circle #2 cover art by Quitely available through BritComicsArt.com.  The first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy sells for about fifty bucks in graded 9.8 on eBay and elsewhere.  Netflix plans to stream an adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy in 2021.

JLA-Earth-2-Page-32-199x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da VinciAll-Star Superman and other DC

JLA Earth #2 splash art sold for $7,200 last November.  The art is hotter than the book which can generally be found on eBay for less than cover price.

All-Star-Superman-3-195x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da Vinci

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s alternate Justice League story looks like a good one to fire up the tablet and read on DC Infinity (or whatever they call it now).  As a Justice League guy, I loved the crossover stories with the JSA.  Often, another team that paralleled the JLA powers played the villainous foils for the JLA/JSA.  I’m looking forward to figuring out the new twist her on “Earth 2”.

All-Star Superman 12-issue maxi-series may illicit fonder recollections.  I’ve started the tale and already wonder will happen next.  You’ll have to read to find out why Superman appears ready to reveal his identity to Super-Lois.  They didn’t remake a story from the sixties here, did they?

Summary on Vincent Deighan – who?

Deighan’s famous alias Frank Quitely quietly builds upon an already strong artistic repertoire.  Based on real sales, I believe the Scottish artist enjoys strong demand.  Though he hasn’t yet amassed the inventory of significant works to be proclaimed a modern Da Vinci, he already holds many awards and recognitions.  Eisner and Harvey awards abound.   I like the way Quitely is trending and expect his art to continue to soar.
Batman-Scottish-Connection-Page-32-195x300 Quietly Impressive Frank Quitely: 21st Century Da Vinci
Batman Scottish Connection Page 32 appears a natural fit for Scotland artist Frank Quitely.  The art sold way back in 2014 for $1,135.

I do worry about one thing with modern artists.  Da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa 500 years ago.  Today, people can still look at her and enjoy her whimsical expression.  That is, the paint is still there.  With many modern artists, they create pencil-only original art.  Are we mere smudges and graphite fading away from losing some unbelievable modern masterpieces?  Maybe the takeaway, if you love an artist whose contribution is pencils only, get their art off the market.  Then, please store properly!

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octoberland March 15, 2021 - 1:11 pm

Nice spotlight on an underrated artist. I love Quietly and was not aware of the other moniker he uses. Thank you for the insight!

– Craig Coffman

Patrick Bain March 15, 2021 - 3:40 pm

The 21st century da vinci series is challenging for me because I am old and have my old favorites! However, it is nice to review the works of younger artists. In my opinion, the best investment potential is for this generation of artists because there’s already been huge run-ups on the all time classics. Further, the “average” or “typical” artists from my era will soon slip into obscurity as has happened with many artists from the Golden Age era.

hellborndemons March 15, 2021 - 6:12 pm

Nice spotlight and certainly building a solid little resume 🙂

My favourite is the DC Universe Legacies #8 1:25 – Such a bad ass Darkseid cover

Patrick Bain March 15, 2021 - 8:16 pm

Nice to hear Quitely has a good following. I’ll have to check out the DC Universe Legacies cover!

Brooks March 15, 2021 - 7:15 pm

I feel that Quitely is one of the all time great artists. In his art I see inspiration from Moebius, Bolland, Kirby and Severin just to name a few. Another thing to mark greatness is to look at some of the artists that he has already influenced in the Modern era. Chris Burnham, James Harren, Cameron Stewart, all great artists in their own right.

Patrick Bain March 15, 2021 - 8:18 pm

Good comment Brooks about who Quitely has been influenced by. EVEN better comment about artists that appear influenced by him. That’s a high compliment to any artist.


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