Quick Look at Some Other Silver Surfer 1st Series Books

by James Jou

120776_2e191997ac21668e9acdcabfe70fa1834d3123e2-203x300 Quick Look at Some Other Silver Surfer 1st Series BooksAnother Silver Surfer article? Here we look beyond the popular keys of Fantastic Four #48-50, past the 5-figured ones from his first series, and shine a light on some of his other books. Why? Well, popular books always get all the attention, so why not?



Wedged right in-between the popular and valuable books of Silver Surfer #1, #3, and #4 is the oddity of The Silver Surfer #2. This book boasts the first appearance of the alien species known as the Badoon; specifically the Brotherhood of the Badoon and their leader Brother Royal. Although the Badoon present themselves as peaceful visitors to Earth, the SS soon discovers their real intentions of an invasion. To help in his fight against the Silver Surfer, Brother Royal unleashes the Monster of Badoon. This also marks its first appearance.

ss_1a-300x181 Quick Look at Some Other Silver Surfer 1st Series BooksFor a closer look at the market for Silver Surfer #2, we focus on the sales for slabs graded CGC 9.2/9.0/8.5, which represents the top 22.2- 43.4% of the CGC census. Sales for the book really kicked off in mid-2012 with a dramatic increase in volume. Over the last decade since, the trend has been a slow and steady upward growth for all three grades observed; with sales prices roughly doubling in that time period.

Another point of interest, despite the FMV of this book being much lower than the immediate 5-figure books around it, the sales volume is more comparable to SS #3. This is almost double most of the other non-five figure books in The SS series (including the other two books featured below). Overall, although the growth rate might not be the most attractive for those looking to make a quick buck, this book does appear suitable for someone looking in the long-term.


121598_f1b5d8b7535dcdc20c9e66c57d3c634c52d90e98-197x300 Quick Look at Some Other Silver Surfer 1st Series BooksTHE SILVER SURFER #10

With the Silver Surfer being an intergalactic hero, you’re likely to get more first appearances of aliens than the earthbound ones. To that end, the key aspect of The Silver Surfer #10 is the first appearance of Yarro Gort, a scientist from Zenn-La. After the Surfer disguises himself as a human to better understand humanity, Shalla-Bal seeks Yarro Gort’s help to find him.

As mentioned above, the sales volume for The SS #10 is much lower in comparison. So we look at a wider range of grades, specifically CGC 9.4/9.2/9.0/8.5 which represents the top 16.9-54.8% of the CGC census. For much of the last decade, sales prices had been flat. Then in late-2018, sales prices started moving upwards. In the observed grades, this was roughly an increase in the +40-60% range. Not bad for two years. The cause of the 2018 shift was likely due to the Fox/Disney deal and the general Marvel rumors/news surrounding that. Interestingly, The SS #2 did not experience a similar bump in the same timeframe. With the decade long flat trend and the recent 2-year upward move, it would be a good idea to keep a close eye on this one.


121785_b0cd560df739d71ebeaae42c25adf117525f8d98-202x300 Quick Look at Some Other Silver Surfer 1st Series BooksTHE SILVER SURFER #13

Another book that stands out in the first Surfer series is The Silver Surfer #13, which contains the first appearance of Dr. John Kronton and his robotic creation… the Doomsday Man. The Doomsday Man was originally created as a defensive weapon.  When the military realized that it was too powerful, they instead decided to imprison it on an island. Needless to say, the Doomsday Man breaks out.

Looking at a similar CGC 9.4-8.5 grading cross-section as the book above, we find that sales prices have also behaved with a similar flatness for most of the decade. At least for the observed grades. Oddly, sales of CGC 9.4 slabs disappeared from the market from mid-2014 until 2018. 2018 again? Yup, you guessed it. The SS #13 experienced the same 2018 bump as the above SS #10. Not only did CGC 9.4 slabs return to the market with higher volume, but it as well as the other observed grades all spiked up in sales prices. Unfortunately, SS #13 has been unable to hold on to the increased market value. In the two years since, sales prices have dropped and nearly returned to prior levels. Optimistically, at least there isn’t much left on the downside.



  • The Silver Surfer #2 – BUY
  • The Silver Surfer #10 – HOLD
  • The Silver Surfer #13 – HOLD


“Earth. It’s always someone from Earth.” – Silver Surfer

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