Purple Stuff advertises in DARK KNIGHT RISES giveaway

by Jeff

purple-stuff-740986 Purple Stuff advertises in DARK KNIGHT RISES giveawayMedia Release — Today comic book shops across the nation will become the ultimate destination for fans of The Dark Knight Rises. A special edition 40-page Batman comic will be available free of charge to the first 1,000,000 customers to arrive. This Dark Knight Rises Day will celebrate the opening of the third chapter in Christopher Nolan’s seminal Batman trilogy.

Purple Stuff will support The Dark Knight Rises: with its inclusion of promotional advertising within the 1 million comic book giveaways, clearly aiming at the teenage demographic with the third installment of the Batman saga that opens in cinemas Friday. The makers of Purple Stuff cognitive sodas are excited to be part of this tie-in with what some claim is the expected movie of the year.

“Knowing these fans have an insatiable appetite for all things Batman and exciting, DC Comics has put together a comprehensive promotion that makes our Fans proud to see their limited distribution high demand new soda pictured in a Batman promotion and a comic book giveaway.”

“Purple Stuff in a DC Comic is two fold; exposing DC Comics fans to Purple Stuff for the first time and having current fans rewarded with Purple Stuff making an appearance in a DC Comic. This promotional issue of Batman The Dark Knight — Batman Earth One is just the first of many comic tie-ins planned and will show how fans interact and are exposed to the brand Purple Stuff in new ways. This ad piece explains that Purple Stuff is more than an online extension of funny geek talk and that Purple Stuff is a real and awesome tasting nutritional soda with product availability growing daily,” said Tim Lucas CMO at Funktional Beverages. (Manufacturer of Purple Stuff)

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