Purging the Top 100 Silver Age: Marvel Super-Heroes #13

by Norman Robinson III

072021A-300x157 Purging the Top 100 Silver Age: Marvel Super-Heroes #13Marvel Super-Heroes #13 is a double key, with the appearance of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel. However, Carol is the character that Marvel staked the entire franchise on with Captain Marvel the movie. The funny thing is that the movie they have chosen as a tentpole for this Marvel story was a flop (it made money but it wasn’t very good). How far has the key book Marvel Super-Heroes #13 fallen? Finally what rank is it now and are there positive return trends? Primary keys are difficult to come by and expensive to purchase, especially from the Silver Age. Marvel Super-Heroes #13 is from the Silver Age. It is also the first appearance of Carol Danvers, and the second appearance of Captain Marvel.

Finally, it is a Silver Age book that has fallen in popularity and shown considerable weakness from grades fine minus to good plus (grade 5.5 to grade 2.5). This decline in (obviously) a big book or key is an opportunity in disguise.

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This comic book is the second appearance of Captain Marvel. It is also the first appearance of Carol Danvers. This character would go on to lead the entire franchise into the 21st Century in the movie Captain Marvel.  The script was written in 1968 by Roy Thomas, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, and Bill Everett. Furthermore, the pencils were from Gene Colan, Joe Maneely, Dick Ayers, Jack Kirby, John Romita, Bill Everett among others. This laundry list of creators is curious and probably could use a write-up of its own. But is not relevant for our purposes today.

Currently, Marvel Super-Heroes #13 has dropped like a stone in water with popularity sinking and trend declines. I know there is talk of a TV Series for the MCU.

It has the Skrulls invading, much along with the Secret Invasion storyline that many fans just love from the comics.  But I don’t see this character being part of that story, as that is more of a spy vs. spy thriller. What are the trend returns showing for Marvel Super-Heroes #13?

Trend Returns

Title Grade and Rank Last Sale CGC Census Return
Marvel Super-Heroes #13 8.5 (Drop 88 ranks             to #102) $1425 95 -5%
5.5 $219 196 -12.9%
4.0 $225 208 -10.8%
3.0 $80 85 -34.4%

81zPhsZUf4L Purging the Top 100 Silver Age: Marvel Super-Heroes #13Conclusion

The trend analysis on this comic book is not positive. Across the board, in the lower grades prices have fallen, most notably in the month of April and May. Typically, books tend to trend one way or the other. Then, most of the grades either lower, middle, or upper follow suit. In this case, the Marvel Super-Heroes #13 grade of good plus has fallen close to 35%! This means you can pick up a copy of this book for $35 cheaper than three months ago. At this price point, why not buy a copy and hold it for the next iteration of  Captain Marvel?

This purchase as investment or speculation is a no-brainer. If Carol Danvers stays in the MCU, fine, you own her first appearance. If they get rid of Carol Danvers (unlikely) then you have the second appearance of Captain Marvel.main-qimg-68d28fcbe480a753066ea84664337a39 Purging the Top 100 Silver Age: Marvel Super-Heroes #13

With this duo-key, you can’t go wrong. Especially for the price in the lower grades. Now, speaking of lower grades, try to buy as high up the lower grades as possible. From 2.5 to 3.5 there is almost no difference in price.

Essentially, you are buying a primary key at a 35% discount. Therefore, very good minus seems like a good buy for Carol Danvers’s first appearance.

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