Pure Speculation: Superior Spider-Man in the Sony-Verse?

by Matt Tuck

Superior-Spider-Man-1-195x300 Pure Speculation: Superior Spider-Man in the Sony-Verse?Despite the fact that it doesn’t look like Doctor Octopus will make his way to the MCU, could the Superior Spider-Man appear on screens?

Into the Spider-Verse opened the gate for so many possibilities in the Sony-verse. After the multiverse was established in the animated film, it established that anything from Spider-Man’s mythology is open game for future movies, and I can picture the Superior Spider-Man playing out on the screen.

When it comes to the MCU, there’s almost zero chance that Doctor Octopus will be part of it. However, that doesn’t mean that Sony won’t use the character in a new and exciting way, like having his consciousness take over Peter Parker’s body. We’ve already seen the likes of Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, and even Spider-Man 2099 in the Spider-Verse, so why not the Superior Spider-Man?

ASM-698-195x300 Pure Speculation: Superior Spider-Man in the Sony-Verse?As far as collecting goes, it’s hard to get your hands on the major keys for Doctor Octopus. Next to Green Goblin, he’s arguably the most iconic villain in Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery. We all know that Amazing Spider-Man #3 is a “holy grail” with the price tag to prove it, and it’s far out of reach for the average collector. That’s why we’re not going to see much of a price change in ASM #3. However, Amazing Spider-Man #698 could be poised for significant gains.

Doc Ock’s transformation into the Superior Spider-Man in ASM #698 is a cheap investment. At this point, you can get a graded 9.8 for just $40, which is worth the cost of speculation. If you want the variant edition, it’s only $50, so you should be able to grab a raw copy for even less. Even if he doesn’t make it onto the big screen, there’s not much to lose.

Superior Spider-Man #1 is slightly more expensive. The standard cover at a graded 9.8 last sold for $60 last month. There were variants galore for the series premiere and the J. Scott Campbell cover holds the highest price tag as it brought $103 in July.


It doesn’t look like the Doc will be included in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy of films, and that is the driving force behind the modern market. Marvel Studios has made it clear that they want a new version of Spidey in their movies, and that includes pitting the classic hero against new faces. That’s why we’ve seen Vulture, Shocker, and Mysterio instead of Green Goblin, Sandman, and Doctor Octopus, given that the latter three were part of Sony’s films. Kevin Feige, Marvel’s head man in charge, has stated that unless a story warrants it, he wants a lineup of villains fans have yet to see on the big screen. That adds up to Otto Octavius being left out of the MCU for the foreseeable future. 

Superior-Spider-Man-art Pure Speculation: Superior Spider-Man in the Sony-Verse?Still, the rumors of his character being revived for the movie screen persist. Certainly, we can’t ignore that a female version of Doctor Octopus, Olivia Octavius, was featured in Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse. Back in July, there was a hot rumor that Sony was planning a solo Doc Ock origin film. Since then, the Doc Ock news front has been quiet.

So much is up in the air when it comes to the Spidey-verse. Under the new agreement with Disney, Sony has the option of using Tom Holland in future Spider-Man projects that aren’t under the Marvel Studios banner. While Feige may not be interested in Doc Ock being in the MCU, that doesn’t mean Sony won’t re-imagine him for a new generation, and Superior Spider-Man would be a perfect fit for an Into the Spider-Verse sequel or possibly even a live-action version. There’s so much that can be done with this character that it would be a waste not to use him.



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