PSYCHO-PASS reveals Shinya Kogami’s life as an investigator

by Jeff

r5jGdTVm PSYCHO-PASS reveals Shinya Kogami's life as an investigatorMedia Release — From star creator Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) comes Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami, the prequel to the blockbuster science-fiction crime drama anime series Psycho-Pass.

Written by Midori Goto with art from Natsuo Sai, this new manga series is Blade Runner meets Minority Report.

With Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami, Urobuchi reveals how the legendary enforcer was once an ace detective! Working within the city-regulating Sybil System, inspectors must fight crime in a future where a single number measures your criminal tendencies and determines if you are useful to society!

Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami Volume 1 debuts on November 9, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your favorite retailer or local comic book store.

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“Psycho-Pass is a compelling cyberpunk mystery.”—Kotaku

“Makes good use of the dystopian future genre, good foils and parallels throughout. Some neat visuals.”—Anime News Network

“Psycho-Pass is the best crime-thriller-science fiction anime I have watched and will definitely be recommending to others as well as watching again in the future.”—IGN

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