Psychedelic Art Exchange’s Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction Ending Soon!

by Sarah Thomas

082823B-1024x536 Psychedelic Art Exchange's Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction Ending Soon!

The Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction at Psychedelic Art Exchange (PAE) ends TONIGHT! Don’t let this one pass you by without checking out the rocking concert posters up for bids! Here’s a peek at what’s crossing the block, with item descriptions from the experts at PAE.

1988 MXP-21.1 Mike King Slayer Wehrmacht The Starry Night Portland & Tacoma Dome Poster Extra Fine 63

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This poster was produced by Mike King for Slayer and Wehrmacht at The Starry Night in Portland on August 7th, 1988. It appears on page 21 of Mike King’s book Maximum Plunder, hence its catalog number MXP-21.1.

During the 1980s, Slayer emerged as one of the most iconic and influential bands in the thrash metal genre. Their debut album, “Show No Mercy,” released in 1983, showcased their raw energy and marked their entry into the burgeoning thrash metal scene. However, it was their follow-up albums, “Hell Awaits” (1985) and “Reign in Blood” (1986), that solidified their reputation as pioneers of extreme metal.

Condition: Creases, handling, stains on left edge.

TITLE: Slayer Wehrmacht The Starry Night & Tacoma Dome Poster
PERFORMERS: Slayer, Wehrmacht
VENUE: The Starry Night, Tacoma Dome
CITY: Portland, Tacoma
DATE: 8/7-8/1988
SIZE: 11 x 17
PRINTING: OP-1; Original Pre-Concert First Printing Poster

1985 Black Flag Minute Men The Utah State Fairgrounds Arena Salt Lake City Poster Excellent 75

Screenshot-2023-08-28-102408-228x300 Psychedelic Art Exchange's Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction Ending Soon!

This is the first appearance of this VERY RARE, Salt Lake City Punk Rock poster in a PAE auction! It was produced on ultra-thin newsprint paper to promote the popular Punk band Black Flag appearing at the Utah State Fairgrounds Arena in Salt Lake City on May 22nd, 1985. The Minute Men were in support.

The double-sided poster features Black Flag’s legendary “4 Bars” logo designed by artist Raymond Pettibon. His artwork became well known in the late seventies in the southern California punk rock scene when he began creating album art for groups on SST Records, owned and operated by his brother Greg Ginn. In 1977 Ginn founded the influential punk rock band Black Flag. Pettibon even played bass in the band during their early formative years. His artwork appeared on posters album covers and T-shirts for Black Flag through the early 1980s and he became a legend in the Los Angeles punk rock scene.

This poster was produced as a 4-page advertisement poster for the gig. Page One is laid out with Black Flag’s name in large letters above the other information in small typeset lettering with an illustration of a youth sitting down with a big bucket of paint and a paintbrush smiling. Page Two and Three make up an even larger poster, with almost the same layout of the smaller poster on the frontside (page one), though with a larger illustration of someone holding a chair in front of him to contain an angry youth who is yelling “Listen to maggot, I’m either going to the gig or I’ll break your face, YOU CHOOSE”. Page Four fills out the entire page with the iconic Black Flag logo in bold, thick lettering. It’s very likely you won’t see another copy of this mega-scarce concert poster anytime soon, anywhere!

Condition: Printed on thin newsprint. Creases from being folded, handling, toning.

TITLE:  Black Flag Minute Men The Utah State Fairgrounds Arena Poster
GRADE: Excellent 75
PERFORMERS: Black Flag, Minute Men
VENUE: Utah State Fairgrounds Arena
CITY: Salt Lake City UT
DATE: 5/22/1985
SIZE: 17 x 22.75
PRINTING: OP-1; Original Pre-Concert First Printing Poster

1988 Run-DMC Public Enemy Brielpoort Deinze Belgium Poster Fine 59

Screenshot-2023-08-28-102735 Psychedelic Art Exchange's Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction Ending Soon!

This rare, LARGE hip-hop poster was created for Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Derek B, and PWEI playing at Brielpoort in Deinze, Belgium on October 12th, 1988.

Run-D.M.C. is a legendary American hip-hop group that emerged in the early 1980s, consisting of members Joseph “Run” Simmons, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, and DJ Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. They are widely recognized for their groundbreaking contributions to hip-hop music and culture.

Public Enemy is a pioneering American hip-hop group known for their politically charged lyrics and innovative sound. Their music was characterized by powerful social commentary, addressing issues of race, inequality, and activism.

Condition: Creases, heavy edge wear and tears, pinholes, creases.

TITLE: Run-DMC Public Enemy Brielpoort Belgium
PERFORMERS: Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Derek B, and PWEI
VENUE: Brielpoort
CITY: Deinze, Belgium
DATE: 10/12/1988
SIZE: 40 x 28.25
PRINTING: OP-1; Original Pre-Concert First Printing Poster

1982 Jerry’s Kids McDonalds Caton Ave & Frederick Road Baltimore County Poster Extra Fine 67

Screenshot-2023-08-28-103549-184x300 Psychedelic Art Exchange's Punk & Hip Hop Special Auction Ending Soon!This item is part of a long-held collection of vintage Baltimore punk material, which has just recently been unearthed for the first time! This May 1982 poster was created for the hardcore punk band Jerry’s Kids appearing at McDonalds on Caton Avenue & Frederick Road in Baltimore County, near Catonsville Maryland. It is a unique and obscure punk rock item with a comic book-style collage design.

Condition: Pinholes, Heavy crease middle (folded), corner bumps, Tear bottom edge.

TITLE: Jerry’s Kids McDonalds Baltimore County Poster
GRADE: Extra Fine 67
PERFORMERS: Jerry’s Kids
VENUE: McDonalds
CITY: Catonsville, Baltimore County MD
DATE: 5/16/1982
SIZE: 8.5 x 14

Be sure to check out the full auction for a look at all the items up for bids!

What do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments!

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