Psychedelic Art Exchange Acquires Concert Posters Now!

by Jessica Meyer

PAE-Acquistion-of-CPN-banner-FINAL-Large-300x147 Psychedelic Art Exchange Acquires Concert Posters Now!Concert Posters Now & Psychedelic Art Exchange are joining forces in a strategic alliance to bridge the culture. The Psychedelic Art Exchange has been dedicated to creating a transparent two-way market for concert posters from the Psychedelic Rock Era for nearly a decade. Their bi-monthly auctions have showcased tens of thousands of unique relics from the 1960s to the present. PAE’s conservative grading standards and impartial evaluation of these artworks have established them as a respected keystone in the collectibles market.

Collection of Modern Concert Posters

Earlier this year, Concert Posters Now (CPN) launched an online store with an inventory exceeding 50,000 modern concert posters from a host of performers. Due to the quick success and relevancy of Concert Posters Now, Psychedelic Art Exchange has acquired the brand and will now be adding these great modern pieces to their website.

Psychedelic Art Exchange believes that CPN’s inventory will provide a gateway for new collectors to explore the world of Psychedelic concert poster collecting. Fans of the Punk, Grunge, Metal, and Hip Hop will be attracted to the expansive inventory harbored at CPN. Personal taste aside, the posters in CPN’s inventory will provide music fans with a framework to explore the ever-growing collectible concert poster market. The increasing demand for certified collectibles married with a passion for American Pop Culture artifacts transcends generation and genre. This can be clearly witnessed by the recent interest in the MXP and BGP series posters. These posters are attracting a new wave of interest in independently certified collectibles. Psychedelic Art Exchange is committed to providing these new players with the tools to build a world-class collection

PAE looks forward to offering customers a brand new buying experience with our soon to be launched online poster store. Their newly expanded inventory will allow them to showcase a wider range of musical genres to appeal to the tastes of practically any fan.

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