Provocative SEX #1 sells out of 2nd printing

by Jeff

tumblr_inline_mkt19kb8Y91qz4rgp Provocative SEX #1 sells out of 2nd printingMedia ReleaseSEX #1, the attention-grabbing first issue of a new Image Comics series by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski, has sold out of its second printing at the distributor level the same week as its release and will immediately receive a third printing, to be in stores on May 1.

SEX, the story of a former superhero who hangs up his cape to pursue the kind of life he had forbidden himself, burst onto the scene in early March, with an exclusive edition of the first issue available only at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. Its first printing, in stores on March 6, sold out the same week as its release and prompted praise from critics:

“…for as much as this title begs for the attention of being called a porno mag disguised as a comic book, it refrains from titillation in favor of creating a fascinating character study amongst a fully realized neo-noir world.”

“For those looking for dazzling art and an interesting psychological drama, then definitely pick up Sex #1.”
– Bloody Disgusting

SEX #1’s third printing is available to order now (Diamond code FEB138534), and its second issue will be in stores on April 10.

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