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SUSPEND Project Superpowers

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Project Superpowers, published by Dynamite Entertainment, 32 pages, $2.99.

As seems to be popular these days, Dynamite Entertainment has “resurrected” several Golden Age comic book heroes for a series entitled Project Superpowers. But this project is far more than simply an attempt to cash in on a trend.

The plot is by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, and involves heroes of W.W. II interacting in the modern world. Readers are treated to the story of a hero who has to make a difficult choice, visiting what he sees as a lesser evil upon his comrades in order to put a halt to a larger one. But, was his decision the right one? That’s the question that is addressed, against a background of intriguing characterization, a looming global threat, and the growing anticipation of confrontations, not just between good and evil, but also between degrees of righteousness.

Additionally, any time a writer sets up a vexing “who do you trust” dilemma in a story, it’s a good thing. (Yes, I want to be vexed by storylines; it means I’m invested.) Ross and Krueger are quite successful in that regard, as Bruce Carter, aka “The Fighting Yank,” is torn between two would-be advisers; the ghost of an ancestor and a mysterious apparition called the American Spirit. This helps keep readers guessing, and glued to the story.

Carlos Paul handles the interior art, which fairly explodes with drama, action and intensity when called for, while ably portraying more subdued scenes as well. All the while, his style is grounded in reality, steeped in detail, and made all the more enjoyable by the choices of colorist Debora Corita.

Alex Ross supplies the covers for each issue, which, while not adding anything to the actual story, makes for a most attractive “wrapping” for this gift to comics fans.

Project Superpowers is well worth your time and investment, and will probably appeal more to teenage and adult readers. Find it at comics shops, online retailers and auctions, and at .

oct073386e Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #0
nov073448e Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #1
dec073538e Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #2
feb083633e Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #3 (of 7)
APR083691E Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #5 (of 7)
MAY083742E Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #6 (of 7)
MAY083744J Project Superpowers
Project Superpowers #6 (of 7) Foil Cover

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