Project Rooftop Announces Winners For ‘Batman 2.0’ Contest

by Jeff

Social Media Release — The results are in for Project: Rooftop’s “Batman 2.0: The Dynamic Do-Over” Redesign Contest. Sponsored by Rogue’s Gallery comic book shop, the contest invited artists to re-imagine a new costume for Batman in light of a new hero taking up the mantle of Batman. We received well over one hundred entries, and deliberated over this for several weeks. Our guest judges, J.H. Williams 3 (Batman) and Dustin Nguyen (Detective Comics) each participated and had alot to say about the entrants.

Anjin Anhut DesignThe Grand Prize winner for this contest is an entry by artist Anjin Anhut. The entry, which JH Williams 3 describes as “very street”, uses a red and black color scheme and is perhaps best symbolized by the bike helmet-esque headgear designed by Anhut. The Berlin-based Anhut has submitted to several Project: Rooftop contests in the past, and this is his first major win at the site.

As Grand Prize winner, Anhut will receive courtesy of Rogue’s Gallery: The Batman Black & White Statue by Matt Wagner, a retailer exclusive DC Direct Batman action figure, Batman: The Black Glove HC signed by JH WIlliams 3, and Detective Comics #844 signed by artist Dustin Nguyen.

First Prize winner Daniel Heard will receive: Detective Comics #847 signed by Dustin Nguyen, a DC Direct Batman action figure, and Batman: Gotham Dark Knight animated deluxe 2-disc DVD or Blu-Ray (winner’s choice).

Second Prize winner Christian Nauck will receive Detective Comics #849 signed by Dustin Nguyen and the new Eaglemoss Batman Metal Figurine.

You can visit Project: Rooftop’s website to see all of the entries, as well as comments from our staff judges as well as guest judges. Look forward to Project: Rooftop’s next contest, to be announced in the coming weeks.

About Project: Rooftop:

Project Rooftop is where cartoonists and illustrators bring their costume design skills to task in tribute to the superheroes and villains we’ve grown up with. This site is intended to promote excellence in costume design as well as foster continued interest for these amazing characters. It was founded by artist Dean Trippe and writer Chris Arrant.
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