Profitable Spider-Man Promo Comics

by Matt Tuck

It’s easy to forget about the promotional Spider-Man comics, but if you have the right ones, you could be looking at decent profits. Here’s four you’ll hope you have in your collection.

How many of us mailed in coupons and barcodes for Spider-Man comics?

For those who don’t know, an old advertising technique was to put a famous character in a “special edition” comic which was tied to a product or charity. I still have my Aim Toothpaste Spider-Man comic in my collection.

These days, there is a market for these classics if more for nostalgia than for being key issues, but if you happen to have one in a high grade, you could have something valuable. Here’s a handful to get you started.


ASM-Acme-Dingo-Giveaway-193x300 Profitable Spider-Man Promo ComicsAMAZING SPIDER-MAN ACME AND DINGO CHILDREN’S BOOTS GIVEAWAY

This is among the most rare of the Spider-Man promotional comics. It’s so rare that there’s not even a listing for it in the GoCollect database.

There’s very little information available about the comic, and it is so hard to come by that the last graded copy sold on eBay was in 2012. That particular comic, which was graded a 9.4, brought $405.






ASM-All-Detergent-190x300 Profitable Spider-Man Promo ComicsAMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ALL-DETERGENT GIVEAWAY

When I think of laundry detergent, it’s only natural to think of Spider-Man. All kidding aside, this has become a valuable comic. Granted finding one in near-mint grade is going to be seldom, the last 9.8 to sell was in 2016, and it brought $168. A 9.6 sold in November for $88, and even a 6.0 sold for $45 last August.







Spider-Man-Special-Edition-Trial-of-Venom-196x300 Profitable Spider-Man Promo ComicsSPIDER-MAN SPECIAL EDITION: THE TRIAL OF VENOM

For Venom collectors, this is a great issue to have. What makes it special is that it wasn’t available through any store. Getting one required a $5 donation to UNICEF despite it having a $1.25 cover price. Jim Craig’s art is classic ’90’s Venom with the over-sized frame and far too many teeth, and he is clearly emulating Todd McFarlane’s version of Spider-Man. As far as story, there’s nothing significant here aside from it being early Venom.

This was one of those issues that I ordered back in 1992, and since then I haven’t thought much about it. It’s been bagged and boarded for going on 26 years. I almost forgot it existed, honestly, and I’m sure I’m not alone. However, it could pay dividends to search your collection for one. At a graded 9.8, Spider-Man Special Edition has sold for less than $100 only four times in the past two years. It’s averaged $115 since December, and the last sale was for $113 on January 11.

If you’re looking to add one to your collection, the prices take a significant drop past the 9.8. A 9.6 averaged just $50 last year, while a 9.4 had a fair market value of $31.


ASM-Aim-Toothpaste-Giveaway-192x300 Profitable Spider-Man Promo ComicsTHE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN AIM TOOTHPASTE GIVEAWAY

Thanks, Marvel, for helping to keep your fans’ teeth clean. The ASM Giveaway was free if you bought a tube of Aim toothpaste.

Not many graded copies of the Aim Giveaway comic have been sold on eBay. Last year’s 9.6 that sold for $88 in October was the only graded copy that traded hands on the site in 2018. In 2017, only four graded copies sold, and two of those were part of the CGC signature series.

For the most part, only the higher grades bring a premium, but if you happen to have it in the 9.0 range, you could turn it into a quick profit.




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