Primus: Alive from Pachyderm Station

by Casey Ashlock

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Much like the great levee breaking, 2020 has unleashed a torrential flood of life-changing events and forced everyone to adapt to a “new normal “. One of the many victims left in the wake as we all know is live music. With everything from small concerts to large scale events canceled, the live music landscape is left as empty as the vast, open sea. However, thanks to Les Claypool and Primus help is on the way. See the prints for the Alive from Pachyderm Station event below!

It’s Alive!

Fear not intrepid fan, Col. Les Claypool and his merry band are throwing us marooned fans a Primus shaped life preserver. That’s right kiddies the funk metal giants known as Primus are diving headfirst into the virtual concert pool in efforts to keep us afloat with their particular brand of funk and experimental metal fusion.

Come One, Come All:

On Friday December 11th 2020 Primus will be streaming their virtual concert titled Alive From Pachyderm Station. The show was filmed at Claypool Cellars, Les Claypool’s winery in Sebastopol, California. It marked the band’s first appearance since the pandemic started. Fans can expect a unique set of of live Primus on Friday night.

“Strange, eclectically wonderful things tend to happen when the three of us get in a room together with our instruments,” says Claypool. “This will be an intimate and casual performance between longtime friends as opposed to an elaborate ‘show.’ Primus in the raw.”

Next Stop: Pachyderm Station:

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Zombie Yeti

The Alive From Pachyderm Station virtual event offers a full line of branded merchandise complete with 2 full-size prints designed exclusively for the virtual concert. The first print by designer Zombie Yeti is a bright, vibrant design. It stars a bug-eyed insect character and includes a few references to what is 2020, complete with a dumpster fire.

C8C027FF-3D60-4965-9F0F-00969C35E30A-234x300 Primus: Alive from Pachyderm Station

Rueben Rude

The second print is designed by artist Reuben Rude. It portrays a socially compliant masked alien figure intent on attending the performance. The Primus name is displayed up top on an unfurled scroll while the event information is woven throughout the rest of the print and rounds out the design. The prints are available through the Primus website and will certainly sell out quick!

The virtual show will air on Friday, December 11 at 6pm PT. Ticket holders can then stream the show for 72 hours after the event premiere.

Footer_Concert_Poster_12.3.2020-300x63 Primus: Alive from Pachyderm Station

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