Prices Slashed For Future Alterna Comics Releases

by Jeff

In an attempt to help comic buyers in this struggling economy, Alterna Comics has announced new pricing on all future releases – beginning with the release of American Terror Volume Two, in January Previews. In a time when most companies are raising prices to keep profit margins, Alterna is choosing to lower prices in order to grow readership as well as maintain the readers they currently have.

The new prices will be as follows:

64 to 72 page books will be priced at $6.95

80 to 88 page books will be priced at $7.95

96 to 104 page books will be priced at $8.95

112 to 120 page books will be priced at $9.95

128 to 136 page books will be priced at $10.95 and so on…

The AMERICAN TERROR series was previously priced at $9.95 for Volume One’s 80 page book. Volume Two will feature 88 pages and be priced at $7.95. Eight pages longer and two dollars less than the previous installment. Book quality will not deteriorate and readers can rest assured that they will receive the premium product from Alterna that they have come to expect. These prices will not be retro-active and previously released books will remain at their original prices.

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