PREVIEWS: NBM for February 2007

by Jeff

The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in February of 2007.

Preorder and save at Mile High Comics.

NBM in February

New Boneyard, Sizzle, and Totally Spies!

First, let’s mention, for you New Yorkers, that we’ll be exhibiting at The Small Press Book Fair the first weekend of December, at 20 W. 44th St., between 5th and 6th. Come meet Ted Rall and Bronwsville’s Neil Kleid at our table and see our latest books, including an advance preview copy of Glacial Period!

This month, solicited in comics stores for February:

“A Dungeon Too Many”
by Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, and Manu Larcenet

Dungeon is back with another one of its branches: Parade, with art by Manu (Ordinary Victories) Larcenet!

Dungeon is a mighty castle filled with monsters, trolls and goblins. The Parade branch of this great saga happens between the first and second volumes of Zenith and presents light, humorous stories of the adventures of Marvin the vegetarian dragon and Herbert the Timorous.

In this volume, the ultimate horror: Dungeon has competition! Right in front of their noses, another dungeon has sprung up and is attracting away the adventurers Dungeon makes a lucrative business of luring (and then plundering and massacring). Unacceptable! Marvin and Herbert are on the case.

6” x 9”
64 pages
Trade paperback
Full color
ISBN 1-56163-495-6

Here’s what they’ve said about the last one (Dungeon Twilight 2):

“As much as I’ve enjoyed the other Dungeon series, I think Dungeon Twilight is my favorite to date. It’s probably because Dungeon Twilight finds a way to balance whimsy and serious drama that gives the reader everything they could possibly need. Here’s hoping that more albums are produced before too long, because with each new volume of Dungeon translated into English, I find myself loving the line more and more.” — Greg McElhatton,

“This Dungeon installment is a rollercoaster of action, adventure, and laughs. Fans waiting on the edge of their seats since Dragon Cemetery: Dungeon: Twilight 1 shouldn’t be disappointed.” — Booklist

By Richard Moore

Ever since Michael Paris inherited a cemetery full of monsters, his life has been one mad adventure after another. In this issue, the future of the Boneyard gang depends on Michael and the lovely vampire Abbey making a good impression at the Illuminary’s grand ball, but the scheming demon Lilith has slipped the Abbey a mickey. Desperate to save the evening and make a good impression, Michael plans to use the witch Hildy’s magic and the demon Glump’s mad science to “remote control” Abbey through their meeting with the Illuminary. Seriously. That’s the best plan they’ve got.

Comic book
Black and white art


The amazing all-star line-up continues with:
• Christian (Banana Games) Zanier’s Honey Lickers Sorority
• The third all-new Vikki (“Lady & the Vampire”) Belle story
• Casa Howhard
• Omaha the Cat Dancer
• Kristina, Queen of Vampires #2
• And … the next Peanut Butter chapter!
Sizzle? More like ON FIRE!

Quarterly magazine
64 pages
Black & white art


TOTALLY SPIES! Graphic Novel # 4

“Spies in Space”

The spies are way psyched when they find out that their favorite new band, The Alpha Centauris, are about to make music history. The band plans to be the first performers ever to broadcast a concert live from the Moon. The only problem is, it’s just days before the gig, and the band is nowhere to be found. Jerry puts the spies on the case, and after GLADIS outfits them with cool intergalactic gadgets, including awesome space suits, the girls head off to find the band. Clues lead the spies to believe the band was abducted by aliens. Can the girls save the band before the sun evaporates them? Meanwhile, because of her excellent academic record, Sam is offered a chance to graduate early from Bev High. But is she really ready to leave her best friends behind?


112 pages
5” x 7 1/2”
Full color
Paperback: $7.95 / ISBN 1-59707-055-6
Collector’s hardcover: $12.95 / ISBN 1-59707-056-4


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