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98690_285938_3 Preview the September 2010 PREVIEWS CatalogMedia Release — For over a year, Bruce Wayne has been absent from the present day DC Universe, a super-hero forced into being a time-traveler. This November, however, the original Caped Crusader returns to the forefront with a new look, new perspective on fighting crime, and two new comic book titles – DC Comics’ BATMAN INC. and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, spotlighted on the front cover of the September PREVIEWS, the comic shop’s catalog.

Both titles come from critically acclaimed creators. In Batman Inc. #1, longtime Batman scribe Grant Morrison continues his epic story with the help of artist Yanick Paquette. Batman is taking his war on crime to the next level, but to do so he’ll need to enlist heroes from around the world, and thus readers can expect guest stars galore in this title. With Batman: The Dark Knight, fan-favorite illustrator David Finch shows off his writing talents as well, providing both the dark plot and befitting artwork to match in this new title focusing on Batman’s more supernatural and mysterious cases.

98690_285939_4 Preview the September 2010 PREVIEWS CatalogPlus, a trio of the hottest books on the way this November from Image Comics are on display as well with September PREVIEWS’ back cover. Following the October debut of AMC’s Walking Dead TV show, Image will release WALKING DEAD #79, continuing the tale of Rick Grimes and his group of zombie-attack survivors; creators Marc Guggenheim, Tara Butters, Ryan Bodenheim, and Mark Englert show readers what happens when there’s no crime left for super-heroes to fight in UTOPIAN #1; and writer/artist Joe Madureira’s tale of a girl on a quest to find her father, aided by a swordsman, wizard, outlaw, and mercenary, is collected in full with the BATTLE CHASERS ANTHOLOGY HARDCOVER.

September PREVIEWS Editorial Features

Featured Theme
“Cheap Thrills” – In the past year, many comic book publishers have offered readers a wealth of both new and reprinted comics for just $1, many of which serve as outstanding introductions to some of today’s most popular series. As this trend of giving fans more entertainment for the dollar is likely to continue, this month, PREVIEWS looks at some of the best books just a little bit of money can buy.

Jimmy Palmiotti – This month’s creator feature spotlights Jimmy Palmiotti, the writer that’s helped define the directions of DC Comics’ Jonah Hex and Power Girl series. Palmiotti, along with Jonah Hex writing partner Justin Gray, will launch DC’s all-new Freedom Fighters series this November. But before that release reaches comic shops, the creator shares his current comic reading list with us in this month’s IndieEdge.

Sneak Peeks
In September, comic fans are given previews of Dark Horse Comics’ Kull: The Hate Witch #1, DC/Vertigo Crime’s Rat Catcher original graphic novel, and Image’s Utopian #1, 27 #1, and Yesterday’s Tomorrows trade paperback.

Plus: Staff Picks, our Top 100 Comics and Bestseller Charts, and much more!

September PREVIEWS’ Hottest Items

Septembers PREVIEWS’ Gems of the Month
The Gems of the Month from September’s catalog include: Dark Horse Comics’ Kull: The Hate Witch #1 and Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil One-Shot, DC’s Batman Inc. #1 and Batman: The Dark Knight #1, IDW Publishing’s Dungeons & Dragons #1, Image Comics’ Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone trade paperback and Utopian #1, Marvel Comics’ Generation Hope #1, and Wizard Entertainment’s Wizard #232.

September’s PREVIEWS Exclusive Apparel
This month, we’re offering a new batch of PREVIEWS Exclusives (PX), items you can only order through PREVIEWS, including the Spider-Man: Knotted T-Shirt, Marvel: Brazen Heroes T-Shirt, Thor: Blaze of Glory T-Shirt, Kingdom Hearts: Sora Solo T-Shirt, and Star Wars: Disturb Me T-Shirt.

All this and more is waiting in the September issue of PREVIEWS, which hits your local comic shop on Wednesday, August 25th at a cover price of $4.50.

For a sneak peek at this issue’s Gems, Featured Items, and more, visit often throughout September.

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