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by Jeff

97528_279708_4 Preview the August 2010 PREVIEWS CatalogMedia Release — This October, Dark Horse Comics will explore a new era in Star Wars history and introduce readers to a new hero to pull for in STAR WARS: KNIGHT ERRANT – AFLAME #1, the opening of a new comic book series from acclaimed writer John Jackson Miller being spotlighted on the front cover of August’s PREVIEWS, the comic shops’ catalog.

Miller is known amongst Star Wars and comic book fans for his work on such titles as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect: Redemption. Now, teaming with artist Federico Dallocchio, Miller takes readers back 1,000 years before Luke Skywalker, as the Sith gain a stranglehold on the galaxy. Enter eighteen-year-old Kerra Holt, a newly knighted Jedi sent behind enemy lines on her first mission. Holt will also be showcased in an upcoming Knight Errant novel written Miller and released by Del Rey, thus making this new comic series fans’ first chance to see this important character in action.

97528_279709_5 Preview the August 2010 PREVIEWS CatalogPlus, August PREVIEWS’ back cover features a teaser of Marvel Comics’ SPIDER-GIRL #1, a new series coming this November that’s dedicated to the new member of the Spider-Man family. Debuting in the pages of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, the new Spider-Girl establishes her place in the greater Marvel Universe with this can’t-miss first issue.

August PREVIEWS Editorial Features

How-to-Draw Month
Many PREVIEWS readers and comic book fans not only enjoy reading graphic literature, but want to learn all they can about the techniques and processes artists utilize to create comics and graphic novels. In August’s catalog, PREVIEWS focuses on artistic tricks-of-the-trade, making it easy for aspiring artists to find how-to-draw books throughout this edition by marking them with a special icon.

Paul Levitz Interview
This year, DC Comics is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and PREVIEWS is celebrating the milestone with the publisher. The August catalog not only features the comprehensive 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking from Paul Levitz – a longtime driving force behind the home of Batman, Superman, and more iconic characters – but an exclusive, four-page interview with the industry veteran as well. In this interview, Levitz provides insights regarding DC’s history, his current writing work on the publisher’s Legion of Super-Heroes and other titles, the overall state of the comic book business and how it’s changed over the years, and, of course, the scope of his 75 Years of DC Comics.

This month, two Indie Edge features with legendary illustratators!

Stan Sakai, the multiple award-winning creator of Usagi Yojimbo, the samurai rabbit featured in his own ongoing comic book series, shares his current comic reading list with us in our IndieEdge creator feature.

Joe Kubert, writer and illustrator for over 30 years on Sgt. Rock and so much more, gives us an update on what he’s been up to the past few years and what’s in his reading pile.

Sneak Peeks
In August, comic fans are given previews of Dark Horse’s Turok, Son of Stone #1 from writer Jim Shooter and Image Comics’ EmiTown and The Saga of Rex trade paperbacks.

Plus: Staff Picks, our Top 100 Comics and Bestseller Charts, and much more!

August PREVIEWS’ Hottest Items

August PREVIEWS’ Gems of the Month
The Gems of the Month from August’s catalog include: Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Knight Errant – Aflame #1 and Turok, Son of Stone #1, DC’s Action Comics #894 and Vertigo’s Fables #100, IDW Publishing’s Richard Starks’ Parker: The Outfit hardcover,Image Comics’ The Walking Dead Volume 6 hardcover and Top Cow’s Pilot Season: Crosshair #1, a title from Marvel Comics that’s currently “classified,” and Wizard Entertainment’s Wizard #231.

August’s PREVIEWS Exclusive Apparel
This month, we’re offering a new batch of PREVIEWS Exclusives (PX), items you can only order through PREVIEWS, including the Halo: Reach – Ghost Face Zip-Up Hoodie, Kingdom Hearts: Shadow – Heartless Black T-Shirt, Lego Star Wars: Team Lego Kelly Green T-Shirt, Spider-Man: Film Noir Navy T-Shirt, Spider-Man: Air Dry Shamrock T-Shirt, and Star Wars: Space Rock Black T-Shirt.

All this and more is waiting in the August issue of PREVIEWS, which hits your local comic shop on Wednesday, July 28th at a cover price of $4.50. For a sneak peek at this issue’s Gems, Featured Items, and more, visit throughout August.

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