President Barack Obama To Set Up The All-New Youngblood

by Jeff

Thursday, January 15, 2009 – Yesterday morning Comic Book Resources broke the news President Barack Obama will make his first major superhero-related initiative public during a six-page back-up story written and illustrated by comic superstar Rob Liefeld in February’s YOUNGBLOOD #8!

“Obama re-instating the YOUNGBLOOD program with his picks is a natural, with SAVAGE DRAGON having featured Obama already,” Liefeld told CBR. “And with YOUNGBLOOD having featured George H. Bush in its past as well as a Saddam Hussein styled guy and YOUNGBLOOD featured alongside Dan Quayle in WILDC.A.Ts and Bill Clinton in SUPREME, Image has a long history of involving presidential figures!”

youngblood08_obama President Barack Obama To Set Up The All-New Youngblood

The Liefeld penned six-page back-up story will see America’s 44th President begin his term by selecting the next line-up of YOUNGBLOOD to protect the country after the team’s radical changes set forth in Joe Casey and Derec Donovan’s fan-favorite run. This leads into May’s YOUNGBLOOD #9, in which Liefeld returns to the book full-time and President Obama comes into play as the White House comes under siege.

YOUNGBLOOD #8 (JUL082216), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in-stores February 2009.

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