Prepare for War(lock)!?

by Michael Vlachakis

123445_eb1408d9ca75f2350a65f193b165937d2a69eef5-200x300 Prepare for War(lock)!?

Marvel has been hinting around the character of Adam Warlock since we got a glance of a cocoon sitting in the gallery of The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy.  They took it up another notch during the end credits of Guardians II, when Ayesha gave us a peek into the next step of the evolution for the Sovereign…a mechanical cocoon containing a perfect life-form she will call “Adam.”  All this teasing seems like a great way to integrate Warlock into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but it may cause confusion for fans of the character because many associate Adam Warlock with the Infinity Gems and their Gauntlet.  This leaves Marvel with a real “cart before the horse” problem while allowing them to streamline and update this complex character for a new generation.

Adam Warlock began his life as “Him:” a genetic experiment of the Earth-based Beehive in the Marvel Universe.  The Beehive was a group of research scientists working to create advancement in Fantastic Four #66.  However, the “Him” character did not make an official appearance until Fantastic Four #67 (There is also Thor #165 to discuss, but we will focus on the FF appearances in this article).  After breaking free from his creators, the rebellious, genetically enhanced human “Him” left earth for space where he would continue his metamorphosis.

If you are looking to procure a copy of Fantastic Four #66 or #67, now may be a good time.  Although most grades show a positive pricing trend, there should be room to grow following the character making a debut in the MCU.  A 9.2 Graded copy of Fantastic Four #67 recently sold for $1000.  With all grades being scarce on the market, they tend to increase with each offering.  Although the “Him” character may not be as popular as the name Warlock a true collector will look for the First Appearances or the original character.

The hero took another genesis with the release of Marvel Premiere #1 wherein the character “Him” bonds with the soul gem to morph into Adam Warlock.  Marvel Premiere #1 was the jumping off point for the character that most of us know and love.  There are no current logged 9.8 sales (Fair Market Value $6500), but the trends for all grades above 9.0 show a positive pricing movement.  9.6 copies are up 27.4% and 9.0 copies are up 28.2% as well.  9.4 and 9.2 grades are also trending up over 10%.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel utilizes Adam Warlock.  He ties into the Guardians of the Galaxy very well and in the comics he was the crux of the Infinity Gauntlet story line, which Marvel has altered.  Is the character poised to be a villain turned savior?  Are we going to be treated to a complex, messiah riddled, inner demon type story that Warlock lovers come to expect?  Will Marvel convene the Infinity Watch to be a new type of cosmic Avengers?  I am just speculating…but I do know one thing, the MCU needs Warlock to continue its expansion.

Are you excited about the prospect of Adam Warlock in the MCU?  Will he have any influence on the current Infinity War wrap-up and a tie-in to Thanos?  Is Warlock set to be a leader of the Phase IV movies?  Drop us your thoughts and comments.

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