Premium Subscription Fees Increase in Two Weeks!

by Cassaundra Thomas

Need-SEO-Help-10-Killer-SEO-Tactics-to-Increase-Your-Website-Ranking-300x150 Premium Subscription Fees Increase in Two Weeks!GoCollect’s Premium subscription fees increase in just two weeks, but you don’t have to worry. You can lock-in your low rates for life. FOR LIFE! Check out how.

Low Rates for Life?

You heard it right, just because our fees are increasing doesn’t mean your Paypal account is getting smaller. You can lock-in premium subscriber rates for as long as you have your GoCollect account, with just one small caveat. You can’t let your subscription lapse. That’s it. Don’t let your subscription lapse and you will never pay a higher fee. Lock-in your rate now before fees go up on August 3rd.

Lock-In with an annual subscription

The best way to lock-in your rate is with an annual subscription. Set it, and forget it! You don’t have to worry about it for one full year. But make sure you add it to your calendar, so it doesn’t lapse! When you subscribe to an annual subscription you are saving 10% off the monthly pricing. $64.99 gets you an annual premium subscription.

Show off your OCC Badge

Everyone who is a premium subscriber by August 2nd will receive an OCC Badge when we switch over to our upgraded platform. The OCC badge shows you’re an Original Comic Collector.

The Details

Premium subscription fees are going up on August 3rd. A monthly subscription will cost $9 (currently $5.99) and an annual subscription will cost $89 (currently $64.99). Just sign in to your GoCollect account and upgrade to premium or, if you are a month to month member and want to switch to an annual subscription, you’ll have to cancel and then upgrade to annual.

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