Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE

by Sarah Thomas

111621B-1-300x157 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAEPsychedelic Art Exchange has announced their premier auction event of 2021. This PAE auction offers hundreds of CGC graded concert posters from shows of all styles and even a few with historical significance to the music scene. We’re taking a look at a few exciting pieces worth taking a look at, but be sure to peruse the entire catalog before bidding closes.

From PAE, “We are once again honored to offer to our bidders the finest and most expansive selection of 3rd party certified concert posters for sale in one place. Even our team of cataloguers were surprised by the extraordinary amount of essential posters offered in this sale. Not to mention the ever-present sleepers that thrill poster collectors at every level of the game.”

Here is a sneak peek of a few cool pieces worth checking out.

1966 FD-40 Grateful Dead Avalon OP-1 Poster 9.8  116724236_1_x-212x300 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE

According to PAE’s description, “The FD-40 First Printing is the first Grateful Dead poster created by Victor Moscoso, and it is commonly referred to as the Hippie Santa Claus. This striking Green and Red design announced a pair of late December shows at The Avalon featuring the Dead, Steve Miller and Moby Grape.”

PAE has seen a few 9.8s cross their auction block over the last few months. The three most recent sales have realized $2,640.00 (7/1/21), $2,760.00 (4/8/21), and $3,300.00 (2/18 21).  It has a 1-year sales average of $3,000, pushed up by the February sale in addition to a December 2020 sale for the same amount, $3,300.00.

These numbers are a huge jump higher than the figures 9.8s were bringing in back in 2017, when a poster was sold for $718.75 on

The current high bid for this piece is $1,000 after 10 bids. It’s estimated to land between $3,000 and $4,000.

116724249_1_x-220x300 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE1967 FD-84 The Doors 1601 West Evans St OP-1 Poster 9.6

From PAE’s description, “It’s a pleasure to offer you one of only a small handful of CGC Graded OP-1, Original First Printings of this issue to ever appear in our auction. This Doors poster for the Denver Dog is one of the most desirable and beautiful from the series. Due to its popularity, it hardly ever shows up in undamaged condition.” 
In September 2016, a similar CGC graded example reached $1622 in another PAE auction. While there aren’t more 9.6 graded sales to analyze, the three most recent sales of CGC 9.4 posters are as follows.
On Jul 16, 2020 a 9.4 sold for $1,020.00 through PAE. On Mar 2, 2020, one sold for $891.25 and another sold for $833.75 on Nov 18, 2019, both from

This entry currently rests on a high bid of $1,200 after 10 bids. Its estimated sale price is $1,500$2,500.

116724381_1_x-214x300 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE

1966 BG-13 Lenny Bruce Fillmore OP-1 Poster 8.5

From PAE’s description, “Here’s an opportunity to acquire “the best of the best” in one of THE hottest areas of the market, early Bill Graham Fillmore posters. In addition to basically un-improvable quality, this is tied for the finest quality CGC graded example we have ever offered at public auction. This poster has extreme historical importance as Lenny Bruce’s last performance ever.

Lenny Bruce was a significant 1960’s figure and this fact alone makes this poster historically important.  Also on the bill was Frank Zappa’s Mothers. This is one of the most “in demand” Fillmore posters.”

As this is a particularly high grade for this piece, there is little to compare to when it comes to past auction sales. A CGC 8.0 sold back on Sep 7, 2017 for $1,507.00 through PAE.

This poster is estimated to sell between $1,500 and $2,500 and has a current high bid of $650 after 8 bids.

116724235_1_x-199x300 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE

1970 BG-222 Jefferson Airplane Signed OP-2 Poster 8.5

From The Houston Freeburg Collection, this poster is signed by the artist Randy Tuten and is 100% original.

According to PAE, “The image is considered the most desirable and valuable Randy Tuten Grateful Dead poster from the BG series. Not only that, it is considered one of THE COOLEST issues in the entire Fillmore series.

This famous event was a benefit to raise legal defense funds for the Dead after their infamous 1970 New Orleans arrest. We expect to see lively bidding on this ultra-rare issue from collectors waiting patiently for this poster to surface.”

As far as CGC 8.5s go, there are only 2 total Blue Labels registered in the census. Only 15 are registered, total. On Mar 14, 2019, a 9.0 sold for $2,520.00 through PAE.

This entry has a current high bid of $450 after 8 bids. It’s estimated to land between $1,500 and $2,500. 116724234_1_x-220x300 Premier Certified Concert Poster Auction at PAE

1966 FD-12 Grateful Dead Signed OP-1 Poster 9.0 Restored Label

From The Houston Freeburg Collection, this poster is signed by the artist, the late great Wes Wilson.

From PAE’s description, “This poster has been professionally restored to offer the appearance and eye appeal of a clean copy! Restoration includes color touch and pieces added.

The FD-12 is a LEGENDARY issue of unsurpassed historical significance. It is the very FIRST time the image of a skeleton was associated with the Grateful Dead. This poster predates the FD-26 Skeleton and Roses poster by over 4 months. We know from Eric King’s Collector’s Guide that just 1000 of this poster was produced. Most of the original printing was printed on vellum. This thick vellum paper we have here is known as OP-1. Any time this poster hits the market, it is considered a major event.”

An identically-labelled and graded poster sold through PAE on Jan 8, 2017 for $3,174.00.

This poster is estimated to realize between $3,000 and $6,000. It has a current high bid of $900 after 8 bids.

The auction is currently open for online bids and begins closing on Sun, Nov 21, 2021 at 9:00 PM EST. Check out the entire preview HERE.

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