Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined Entertainment

by Matt Tuck

X-Men-Alpha-gold-edition-195x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentDoes anyone else feel like coronavirus is pushing society toward Mad Max? Get your Road Warrior gear, and spend your time reading these post-apocalyptic comics to get you ready.

For old-school wrestling fans, are you leaning towards spiked LOD shoulder pads or Demolition-style masks? I’m leaning toward a combination of the two, complete with mohawk.

As most of us are squirreled away in our homes, disinfecting everything from doorknobs to our pets, it may feel like we’re reaching the end of society as we know it. I am optimistic that things will eventually go back to normal, but in the meantime, we need a distraction. Over the next few days, I’ll be putting together reading lists to keep us going. Considering our current plight, let’s start with some post-apocalyptic reads. Feel free to comment with your suggestions.

X-Men-Alpha-gold-edition-195x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentAGE OF APOCALYPSE

I can’t have a post-apocalyptic reading list without Apocalypse. In the current Hickman run of X-Men, En Sabah Nur is playing nice and part of Krakoa’s quiet council, but remember the fun Apocalypse? He was never more entertaining than when he took over the world in an alternate timeline in 1995’s Age of Apocalypse.

Anytime the major publishers have an alternate, end of the world storyline, we get several new visions of classic characters. I loved Wolverine’s Weapon X costume, but my personal favorite from AOP was Sabretooth. After the woefully disappointing Death of Wolverine, I wanted to see Victor Creed evolve into something more along the lines of AOP Sabretooth.

Looking to check out Age of Apocalypse? If you want the original comics, the event started with X-Men: Alpha.

Walking-Dead-1-194x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentTHE WALKING DEAD

How could I have this list without TWD? As we can see by the fall in viewership for the Walking Dead television shows and the drop in values for TWD #1, many fans have gotten their fill of zombies. However, with quarantines and social distancing in place, we may see a boost in interest for TWD.

At any rate, TWD fits the current climate. Rick Grimes awakes from a coma to find himself in a world he doesn’t recognize. A virus has plagued the world and brought the dead back to life.



The-Stand-Captain-Trips-1-194x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentTHE STAND

The comic adaptation of Stephen King’s epic spanned 31 total issues broken into six connecting series. The reading order begins with Captain Trips #1, named after the super-flu that wipes out most of mankind, and proceeds to American Nightmares, Soul Survivors, Hardcases, No Man’s Land, and The Night Has Come.






I-am-Legend-1-196x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentI AM LEGEND

As much as I enjoy comics, no adaptation in any media competes with Richard Matheson’s original 1954 novel. Forget Charlton Heston’s Omega Man (check out the 1971 trailer) and Will Smith’s I Am Legend. Neither of Matheson’s tale of a society wiped out by a mutated virus does any justice. The closest you have is the comic adaptation from 1991. Although not written by Matheson, fans can also look to the 2007 comic sequel, I Am Legend: the Awakening.




Undiscovered-Country-1-195x300 Post-Apocalyptic Comics: Quarantined EntertainmentUNDISCOVERED COUNTRY

The Scott Snyder/Charles Soule project is eerily resonating with today’s political climate as the United States’ borders are being shut down due to the pandemic.

In Undiscovered Country, the U.S. sealed its borders and cut off communication with the rest of the world. As the story begins, an international team of scientists, military, and media venture into America for the first time in decades only to be shot down and stranded in a horrific world.




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D2C ? (@D_2754) March 29, 2020 - 10:47 am

Surgeon X, Eclipse, The Clock – Image comics has quite a few good ones over the years


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