Possum creator Blair Kitchen to appear in INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE #2

by Jeff

FEB110699 Possum creator Blair Kitchen to appear in INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE #2Media Release — Writer and Illustrator Blair Kitchen will appear in the new Indie Comics Magazine #2, available for preorder in Diamond Comic Distributors’ February 2011 Previews catalog and available ONLY through Previews. Blair’s done-in-one tale is an eight page story featuring The Possum, announced Indie Comics Magazine Editor Gary Scott Beatty.

Blair owns and operates Possum Press, which publishes The Possum, a character that originated as doodles in Blair’s 10th grade sketchbook. He and a friend “were attempting to come up with the lamest super hero that we could.” The Possum has no super strength or special abilities, other than the fact that he has no vital signs. After a beating, he simply plays dead. “Ten years later, I discovered my old sketchbook, and when I saw the picture, it made me laugh,” said Blair.

Blair honed his art skills working as a traditional animator and storyboard artist in Toronto, Canada. He has directed commercials, animated on commercials and features, drawn boards for TV, and even spent a time supervising in the Phillipines.

Pacing is important to a comedic story, said Blair. “I guess I have learned a lot about comedic timing from working as an animator for the last 10 years, and that just transfers from animation into comic form.”

Blair’s store, blog and animation clips can be seen at http://www.possumpress.com.

Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators. No huge overprint, no digital version, no back issue sales, February’s Previews is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine #2! Information about Indie Comics Magazine is online at http://indiecomicsmagazine.com.

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