POP Wonderland series gives an old tale a new spin

by Jeff

16008 POP Wonderland series gives an old tale a new spinMedia Release — Lewis Carroll’s universally known story of a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a magical wonderland is given a new spin in this lushly illustrated version of the classic tale.

Alice was sitting in a field reading when a white rabbit scampered by. She didn’t know what was odder: that the rabbit was running on its hind legs, wearing a jacket, and carrying a pocket watch, or that it was talking, shouting, “I’m late! I’m late!” From the moment she decided to follow the rabbit into his rabbit hole, Alice was transported to a fantastical place called Wonderland, where anything was possible. All of the familiar characters are here: the Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, and the wicked Queen of Hearts.

A new line of children’s storybooks, the POP Wonderland series is rendered in a friendly pastel palette, with engaging art that brings familiar fairy tales to life in a brand-new way.

The 40 page full color hardcover carries a $16.99 SRP and has an on-sale date of March 24, 2010 (NOV090042).

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