Poor Little Devil: Daredevil #1

by Norman Robinson III

719055_daredevil-1-199x300 Poor Little Devil: Daredevil #1

This comic book Daredevil #1 created by Stan Lee (script) and Jack Kirby (art) has it all. But unfortunately, it is still the biggest sleeper issue in Marvel. This book is right next to Fantastic Four #1 as a big key that is not inflated in to full value relative to its status as a key. This is a significant book with the first appearance of Daredevil, and his origin in a self-titled series. Currently, it is ranked 7th most popular Silver Age comic book (GoCollect). Daredevil #1 has a meager price despite it being a huge key for Daredevil, obviously.

Spidey vs. Daredevil

For some reason, Daredevil doesn’t get the love that Spidey or X-men does. Comparatively, Amazing Spider-Man #1 in grade (6.0) is currently averaging $11,000! My Spidey sense is tingling: money. But the poor Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is not participating as much in the big Marvel profit surge of the past few years. In fact, Daredevil #1 grade (6.0) currently sells for $2300 on average not precisely Earth-shaking.

Amazing Similarities

The big three, Stan Lee (script), Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko (pencils) created the Amazing Spider-man #1 (1963). Daredevil #1 was born of the same parents Stan Lee and Jack Kirby about a year later in 1964. I mean let’s review the glaring similarities between the two characters: both wear red, though Daredevil started in yellow, both had a radiation or chemical accident to change into superheroes, and both of them fight crime from New York’s rooftops. Do I need to go on?

Restricted Supply

The CGC Census has Daredevil #1 at 3795 total slabs outstanding. Amazing Spider-man #1 has complete outstanding slabs of 3435. Pretty close numbers but it does not translate into the same profits that Spidey realizes. Currently, Daredevil has 216 slabs outstanding in grade (6.0).

The availability of these slabs being roughly equal to the number of Spidey slabs is an excellent thing. Why? Essentially, with almost the same amount of inventory Daredevil can eventually reach Spidey level prices because there is the same restriction on supply. I know it is not likely that Daredevil will ever be as popular as Spidey. After all, Spidey is Marvel’s headliner. But that doesn’t mean that Daredevil can’t go up from here, just not as much.

Dollars and Sense

Let’s take a look at the low-end entry point of Daredevil #1. The current average price for (1.0) is $484. In a grade of (2.0), it is going for an average of $717. The top of the lower rankings a class of (4.0) sells for an average of $1215 (GoCollect). Now this expensive yes, but cheap as dirt when we compare to other books both Modern and Silver Age. Think it through, the current value of this old key book is just going to rise from here. The series is popular, well done and attracting viewers. The comic book is in its 6th volume, not bad for a blind guy in tights!

Daredevil #3 (Yellow Suit)

Furthermore, the first six books of Daredevil are starting to rise in price. In his first six books he wore a campy yellow costume. These “yellow” books are no longer cheap issues to own, and these prices are currently rising. For instance, Daredevil #3 the first appearance of the Owl has risen, and is no longer inexpensive to purchase. Currently, there are zero copies available on eBay. Are you starting to get the picture here folks? These prices are not going to last forever, still relatively cheap if you compare to any other first ten comics in an initial popular comic series from the Bronze or Silver Age.

Positive Returns

Daredevil #1 is a steal of a deal with returns as high as 53% long term. In almost every category it shows a profit for the last 24-months. This is a bargain plain and simple. A primary character with a successful series and almost as old as Spidey in the Silver Age; what is not to love? This sleeper key even has a low price comparatively. Use your radar sense and find the nearest copy immediately, or in Daredevils own words, “The name’s Daredevil…remember it! You’ll be hearing it again…I promise.”

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