POOD #3: acclaimed alternative comic’s third round

by Jeff

feb110807 POOD #3: acclaimed alternative comic's third roundMedia Release — I’m happy to report that the third issue of the acclaimed indie comics-section “pood” — filled with the artform’s favorite outliers including a fevered vision of messianic mass-media by Paolo Leandri and myself — will be in stores continent-wide April 20. But as all comics-fans know, there’s a lot of backstory to deal with first. If everyone seeing this asks their nearest comic-shop to order pood #3 THIS MONTH, it will guarantee our longevity and prove that this print thing isn’t just a fad. Please tell the man or woman behind the counter the following:

pood # 3
Big If Comics
Diamond item code: FEB110807
(Page 246 of the catalog, page 17 of the order form)

–it couldn’t be easier! For the man or woman behind the counter, I mean; for everyone else it’s a heavy lift; hence, this handy recipe card. But I’ve seen some of the stuff and you’ll thank us!

Best, Adam

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