Planet Skaar Prologue REVIEW

by Jeff

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mar092571d Planet Skaar Prologue REVIEW

Planet Skaar Prologue #1
Marvel Comics
Pak & Panosian

Some time ago Greg Pak seemed to come out of nowhere with a storyline called ‘Planet Hulk’. It was an incredibly interesting story that spanned well over a year’s worth of stories. When the Hulk returned he was plunked down into the Marvel Event called World War Hulk and then from that fallout he was handed over to Jeph Loeb in a red Hulk storyline that is still going on. World War Hulk and red Hulk couldn’t possibly live up to the absurd hype, but Planet Hulk most likely exceeded even the most aggressive expectations as it served as the springboard into the events that followed. This story goes directly back to the roots that made Planet Hulk a smash hit. I urge anyone who liked that storyline to pick this issue up. Even if you hated World War Hulk or found red Hulk to be a red herring you need to find this comic.

geekgoggle Planet Skaar Prologue REVIEW

This comic sets up the son that Hulk left behind at the conclusion of Planet Hulk landing on Earth looking for his father. It has everything you could ask for in a story that ties directly to Planet Hulk.

Amazingly, it even explains how we ended up with dumb Hulk out of nowhere. This alone should interest the red Hulk haters who have been clamoring for their Hulk stories to make some sense.

This issue has the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, Hercules, Amadeus Cho, the Warbound, Banner, regular Hulk and even Wolverine. It has almost every major Hulk supporting character that we saw in the Planet Hulk saga.

Basically, this story explains how Skaar ends up on Earth and what he is looking for. It also examines why Reed Richards is so interested in what is happening with regards to Skaar. Hulk and She-Hulk are drawn to the power of Skaar, as is one of the Warbound. It sets up a battle that ends rather abruptly. Skaar manages to pull his own Banner/Hulk trick at the end of the comic.

While it sounds like the story is mostly a recap or a setup, it actually isn’t. It does recap, but it advances a plot that has Skaar seeking a confrontation with his father, but Hulk still doesn’t know he has a son. The others are simply trying to keep them from destroying the planet.

It’s an oversized issue and you are asked to pay the extra buck for it, but it is worth it in this case. The story moves quickly, it has action and it adds a twist at the end that leaves all the parties involved a little confused.

The artwork is very good. I can’t say I was thrilled to see what the Hulk was looking like, but it had its moments, such as when the Hulk was hanging his head out of the side of the diner. Skaar looks fantastic. He reminds me of an Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings movies. The comic’s art enhances the story beautifully.

If you gave up on the Hulk this may be where you want to come on back. I’m hoping this is the story that will restore some of my faith in the character. It certainly has that Planet Hulk feel to it, even if the story arc is going to be very short. This comic came out a couple of Wednesdays ago so you may not find it, but if you see it you may want to pick it up.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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