Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

121622C-1024x536 Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book AuctionWelcome back to this week’s top pics from Heritage’s weekly Sunday and Monday comic book auctions! Heritage holds weekly comic book auctions which feature key issues, overlooked comics, oddball memorabilia items, and more. If you’re looking to beef up your collection, these auctions are a must! Here are my top picks for you to watch.

The Black Knight #1

Screenshot-2022-12-15-161315-204x300 Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction

Atlas Comics’ (now Marvel) The Black Knight is certainly a dark horse in collecting. While he may not be as popular as several other Marvel characters, this is still an important key book. One of the many who took on the mantle, Dane Whitman, even appeared in 2021’s Eternals, but the appearance didn’t entirely help with traction on this book.

This ungraded copy could be had for an absolute steal though. Heritage notes this book as being close to Good (2.0) condition, due to tanning, spine tears, and 5.5″ spine split. CGC blue label graded 2.0’s have a fair market value of $3,600.

Four Color #272

Screenshot-2022-12-15-161422-188x300 Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction

Four Color comics were a golden age staple during their publication. The comics were one of the first to feature Disney characters, and at one point Disney comics made up for more than 10% of everything Dell published. Issue #272 featured Cinderella, which was released in early 1950. The movie was a box office success and kept Disney afloat for some time.

The movie is still relevant thanks to the marketing machine that is Disney, and Cinderella collectors and fans can be found worldwide.

This CGC blue label 8.0 with off-white to white pages is a personal favorite, thanks to the cover art by Dan Gormley. An 8.0 copy hasn’t been sold in some time, so this book’s ending price may surprise us.

Gotham City Sirens #1

Screenshot-2022-12-15-161508-190x300 Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction

This series is a personal favorite, thanks largely to artwork by Guillem March. The series followed Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy through life in Gotham. It portrayed the antiheroes as very relatable, which is one of the overall characteristics of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. The series was at one point poised to get its own movie, but that likely won’t happen now.

This issue features a variant cover by J.G. Jones, who does a great job of capturing the trio’s spirit. This CGC blue label 9.8 features white pages and has a one-year average of $458. This could be had for a decent price for the right collector.

The Incredible Hulk #271

Screenshot-2022-12-15-161609-191x300 Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction

With the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie focusing on Rocket Raccoon’s past, his first comic book appearance — The Incredible Hulk #271 — is starting to heat up. Despite being a big part of the MCU now, Rocket was in less than 15 comics during his first 30 years. Now he’s popular enough to be featured in Disney Park rides.

This CGC blue label 9.8 has white pages and would be a grail piece for any Guardians or Rocket fans. Currently, the one-year average for 9.8 copies is $1,215, but I fully expect that to be bumped up a little bit. Prices will likely cool after the movie is released, so if you don’t win this copy you’ll likely have other opportunities later on.

Will you be bidding this week? Let us know in the comments!

000052721D-1-Footer Picks for Heritage’s Dec 18-19 Comic Book Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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