Phenomenal Returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 Variant

by Norman Robinson III

668136_e040006170b05f2f57948f152feb94d27f5f0a79-195x300 Phenomenal Returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 VariantThe first appearance of Miles Morales is a huge book going forward. It should become one of the better keys of the Modern Age. This is basically the 21st Century version of Spider-Man. Some folks resent the creation of another generation of heroes; they feel it somehow destroys the original character and takes away from the stories that made the superhero popular in the first place. I am not one of those investors; though I understand it is disconcerting to have one of our favorite heroes totally transformed. Personally, I see it as a win-win and a good thing for Spidey’s longevity. After all, if we don’t make these heroes likable to all generations and cultures, how will Spidey survive in the future? When additional generations do their spin on it, we should celebrate as an homage to the original character. Anyways, can Miles Morales climb the wall of profit opportunity?




3a62d0d6441c7e2af936c8c7c3bafe1a._SX1280_QL80_TTD_-195x300 Phenomenal Returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 VariantUltimate Fallout #4

This new version of Spidey is fun, friendly, and likable. Further, his first appearance in  Ultimate Fallout #4 is keeping pace with older Modern Age keys. Not only are the long-term numbers solid, but Miles Morales has solid pandemic resistance with positive returns in every grade for the past four months.






Title Grade Last Sale Short-Term Returns Long-Term Returns CGC Census
Ultimate Fallout #4 9.8 $463 +11.5% +52.5% 5403
9.0 $105 +49% +2.9%
6.0 $50 +150% N/A

Needless to say, this new kid is fairly bankable and everyone should own at least one copy of his first appearance. The animation origin story for him was excellent and it paid huge tribute to every Spider-Man they fit into the story. The mid-grade should send your Spidey-Sense tingling after all 150% in mid-range is a great performance! This is a positive sign of healthy interest and helps cement the book in place as a Modern Age key. Finally, the CGC Census at 5,403 is not great but far fewer than other books. The future looks bright for this upstart and speculators should not be specu-haters! Get in on the game and make some money with Miles Morales, his first appearance just goes up from here.


668233_e57a15ccec22c31383dde9a12ab40e9a34cc8b33-195x300 Phenomenal Returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 VariantUltimate Fallout #4 (variant edition)

There are a couple of variants, I chose the most expensive to showcase here. The Ultimate Fallout #4 (variant edition) has only 538 copies in the CGC Census inventory. Further, this copy is not cheap at $3,000 for a grade 9.8. You could probably buy a better key, but you would be hard-pressed to match these returns in a Modern Age book. This variant edition currently has returned positive +65% since printing in 2011 for grade 9.8 and the rest of the grades are even better! Get this, grade 7.5 which last sold for $497 has returned, wait for it, 978.3%!!! This definitely should grab your attention and make you shoot bio-electric energy blasts from your speculative fingertips.





captain-america-miles-morales-spider-man-2-189x300 Phenomenal Returns for Ultimate Fallout #4 VariantConclusion

Both of these books are a strong buy and then some. This character has largely been forgotten with all the big events happening. This is a good opportunity to own the next generation’s version of Spidey. The high returns for the standard-issue and surreal returns for the variant make this a positive purchase for speculators and investors alike. Even if you don’t fly the Miles Morales flag, you can still benefit from his creation.









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comiczar99 April 29, 2020 - 3:15 am

So funny. My motto is buy what you enjoy and if it goes up that is a bonus. 🙂 I am really just selling what I already have (over 25,000 comics reduced from 250,000 comics). All grades and time periods. But it turns out I am way out of touch with prices. Is go collect comics mostly prices of cgc’d comics or does it have non cgc prices? When did Overstreet become less important? (or did it?) I do wish I could sell my 5 million dollars worth of comics for $500,000–maybe not to a dealer? lol

Norman Robinson III April 29, 2020 - 4:57 pm

I like the motto and I don’t know how you handle 25,000 Comics; I have trouble with 5000. It seems lately that Overstreet is becoming more of a source of reference.
This company GoCollect is pure pricing, it only looks at slabbed/graded copies for price and number of sales. Pricing is tough, some use GPA or GoCollect and many still use the book. Thanks for reading. Nam

comiczar99 January 29, 2021 - 11:15 pm

So true. It can get confusing.

Oliver April 29, 2020 - 7:07 am

Good Analysis. I still think prices will go down for a 9.8 as soon as the “next big thing” will hit the news (e.g when any FF or/and X-Men casting news will be announced!). This books goes down and up for YEARS.

Norman Robinson III April 29, 2020 - 4:51 pm

Yeah, investing in comics is like a boat on an ocean, up-down-up, repeat. Thanks for reading. Nam

Prophet April 29, 2020 - 6:53 pm

What do you think about UF 4 2nd print. I noticed an upward trend. It has a lower CGC census. Thanks for the nice article.

Norman Robinson III May 1, 2020 - 3:56 am

UF #4 is a fantastic investment and has a positive trend of +21.5% over the last four months. I don’t own one but it is on my list. If you can get a copy, do it! It is obviously harder to acquire than the first print. Thanks for reading. Nam


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