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jun100386 PHANTOM JACK is backMedia Release — After four years and two defaults by other comic companies, PHANTOM JACK: THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA hits the comic shops on Aug. 18, courtesy of IDW.

Jack Baxter is a reporter for a big city newspaper who has an edge – he can turn invisible. That’s it.

Writer Michael San Giacomo (TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN) wanted to explore what could be done with perhaps the weakest super-power of all. So Phantom Jack is heavily set in the real world of newspapers, one that San Giacomo knows well. He has been a reporter at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland for more than 20 years. Many of the events in Jack’s life and his supporting cast, come right out of San Giacomo’s history.

THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA follows the events of the Image Phantom Jack series and the expanded trade, “The Collected Edition,” that came out both from Speakeasy Comics and Atomic Pop Art Entertainment.

But THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA is a stand alone work that is a perfect jumping-on spot for new readers.

Jack has always been something of a reluctant “hero,” a little afraid to put it on the line. Now when a man from his past returns with invisibility powers 100 times greater than his own, Jack it all to save the woman he loves. And the Nowhere Man wants something else: Jack’s liver.

The main story is a 66-page tour-de-force featuring art by Andy Belanger, of Toronto; Sean McArdle, of Canton and Andy Finlayson of Australia, with inks by Tom Schloendorn and a cover by colorist Nathan Fairbairn, now a regular colorist for Marvel Comics. It’s one of the strangest stories you’ll ever read, ending with a battle of wits and cunning, as two men who can’t see one another fight a desperate battle for their lives.

The all-new, 108-page graphic novel also includes four other PJ stories including one that features the return of people from Jack’s checkered adventure in Iraq and causes Jack to go against his own country.

And the graphic novel includes never-before seen art from the original PJ artist, Mitch Breitweiser and another Marvel artist, Jim Muniz.

The future of Phantom Jack looks pretty bleak at the end of the main story, so catch him while you can.

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