Penciller and colorist announced for ASSASSIN AND SON

by Jeff

SHADGASPARD-BLACKLINE-COMICS200PX Penciller and colorist announced for ASSASSIN AND SONBlackline Comics is proud to announce the penciller and colorist attached to Shad Gaspard’s ASSASSIN & SON: PATH OF VENGEANCE, Randy Valiente and Paul Little, respectively. Randy Valiente is a Philippines-born artist world-renowned in comics and animation who has lent his pencils to such comics as Michael Kingston’s Headlocked. Paul Little is an Ontario-based colorist who has worked on titles like Bomb Queen, Dynamo 5, and The Matriarch. They will be joining creator and wrestling superstar Shad Gaspard and writer Chad Boudreau (Acts of Violence) on this action-packed new Blackline title.

ASSASSIN & SON: PATH OF VENGEANCE is a gritty crime/action adventure revolving around Donovan Braddock, one of the world’s deadliest assassins, and his young son Matthew. Donovan Braddock has found himself as part of an elite crime unit known as The Horsemen, doing things he never thought he would do, and struggling with his conscience and his job. That is until he meets a mysterious woman named Jasmine, and everything changes. He must now choose between the job he was born to do, and his own conscience struggling with his inner demons, as well as the deadliest men of the world’s dark underbelly.

While you can’t get your hands on it yet, you will be able to soon, be sure to keep an eye out in the weeks ahead for more news on this exciting new series.

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