Peacemaker: Hottest 1st Appearance in the Market Right Now?

by Don Y

Peacemaker-300x157 Peacemaker: Hottest 1st Appearance in the Market Right Now?The hottest first appearance on the market right now doesn’t belong to Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Venom. It’s not a character that an average person would be able to guess because it’s not a household name. In fact, even a reasonably experienced comic book collector like myself had never heard of this character before. Today, let’s talk Peacemaker.

If you define “hottest” as the greatest percentage change in FMV over the past three years then the hottest first appearance likely belongs to Peacemaker. Most of the world saw Peacemaker for the first time yesterday during the trailer for The Suicide Squad, a movie that Warners Media will release in August 2021. (FYI I wrote this blog on March 26th). John Cena, one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time, will play Peacemaker in the film and also in a Peacemaker TV series which will debut on HBOMax in early 2022.

We’ll take a look at a couple of Peacemaker’s key issues below.

Fightin’ Five #40: 1st Appearance of the Peacemaker

Screen-Shot-2021-03-27-at-5.43.38-PM-204x300 Peacemaker: Hottest 1st Appearance in the Market Right Now?Peacemaker made his debut in Fightin’ Five #40. Charlton Comics published this Silver Age comic about a paramilitary team in 1966. In 1983, DC acquired most of Charlton’s superhero characters, including the rights to Peacemaker.

CGC copies of this book are exceedingly rare. In fact, according to the CGC Census, CGC has only graded 56 copies of this comic. Its rarity probably partially explains why this issue has skyrocketed in value. For example, sellers have only sold two CGC 9.2 copies during the past three years. In December 2019, one 9.2 sold for $515. Just 11 months later, another 9.2 sold $4,250, a shocking 725% increase in value.

Peacemaker #1: First Peacemaker Solo Series

Screen-Shot-2021-03-27-at-5.43.13-PM-199x300 Peacemaker: Hottest 1st Appearance in the Market Right Now?

Peacemaker #1 includes his third appearance and it also marks the beginning of his own solo series. Like Fightin’ Five #40, graded copies of this book are also exceedingly rare. According to the CGC Census, CGC has graded only 41 copies of this comic.

Its rarity probably partially explains why this issue has skyrocketed in price. For example, eBay merchants have only sold three CGC 7.0 copies during the past three years. Just nine months ago, in June 2020, one 7.0 sold for $39. Nearly 10 months later, another 7.0 sold for $390, an astounding 532% increase in value.

Watch out for the 1978 reprint of Peacemaker #1. You can identify the reprint by looking for a blue and white Modern Comics logo in the upper left corner. In fact, I had to deal with an unscrupulous seller who tried passing off the reprint as a first printing on eBay just a few days ago.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #6: 1st Appearance of Peacemaker in DC Continuity

Screen-Shot-2021-03-28-at-6.10.18-PM-199x300 Peacemaker: Hottest 1st Appearance in the Market Right Now?If you’re looking for a Peacemaker key that’s still flying under the radar, consider picking up a copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths #6. Not only does this issue contain the first appearance of Peacemaker in DC continuity, but also the debuts for other Charlton characters such as Captain Atom, Judomaster, Nightshade, The Question, and Thunderbolt. In addition, this comic contains the first appearance of the Anti-Monitor as well. So, collectors have a few reasons to invest in this book.

This comic is cheap too. You can purchase raw, NM copies of this book on eBay for around $10. Considering how rare Fightin’ Five #40 and Peacemaker #1 are, many collectors will turn to this book especially if Cena’s take on Peacemaker is a success.

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KatKomics April 17, 2021 - 10:37 am

Just want to point out something……What’s the name of the movie he’s in??? How many characters from the first movie survived. Just say’n there is a realllly good chance this is a one and done for a character that hasn’t been in a published book since what??? 2010!!! Now…if you already have some of these books – SELL!!, SELL!!, SELL!!!!! But no way is this the time to drop big bucks on “keys” of this guy….maybe some of the lesser ones. But you say – there’s gonna be a 6 part HBO series about Peacemaker!!! Yeah…..I”ll believe it when it happens….is it the early adventures (since he isn’t a survivor of the movie)?

Matt Kennedy April 17, 2021 - 1:21 pm

@katkomics the HBO show isn’t a rumor. It’s filming now. Whether or not the character survives Suicide Squad is irrelevant if he lives on in another format as portrayed by a very popular actor (in this case John Cena). If you have a high-grade Charlton Peacemaker #1 you want to sell at current FMV, I will be happy to take it off your hands. Ditto Fighting Five #40 and Vigilante #36.

We are nowhere near the tipping point for Peacemaker as those comics are legitimately rare in high grade and he is a very interesting character.

Might be a good idea to unload the John Walker key issues now, though…

Matt Kennedy April 17, 2021 - 1:11 pm

I’d add Vigilante #36 to this list. The first DC cover appearance of the same version of the character to be player by John Cena in Suicide Squad and his own James Gunn produced Peacemaker series has been way under the radar and there really aren’t that many on the census. I’ve been looking for a 9.8 for almost a year now with no luck. I was able to pick-up Crisis on Infinite Earth’s #6 recently at auction quite affordably. Those old Charlton books are extremely rare in high grade.


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