Peace is Worth Fighting for…

by Norman Robinson III

487783-peace_coie1-113x300 Peace is Worth Fighting for...James Gunn did an outstanding job on Guardians of the Galaxy. Now he is creating his version of the Suicide Squad which is almost a guaranteed homerun. One of the great things about Gunn is his ability to bring oddball characters onto the big screen in a believable way. His latest tweak of the Suicide Squad (soft reboot) is to hire John Cena to play Peacemaker. The Peacemaker first appeared in Fightin Five #40 and later in Peacemaker #1. He is a sociopath who uses violence in the cause of peace. Cena is the latest of the ‘roid-actors to make his way into a major studio superhero franchise. He is adding bicep power to James Gunn’s attempt at a second Suicide Squad which will probably be a fun E-ticket ride.

For the life of me, I can’t understand the harsh rebuke of the first Suicide Squad. While not on par with some of the better superhero flicks in recent years, it more than held its own. The storyline was clear, the cinematography was great, the casting was good, and Harlequin rocked it. Fun movie and it made money, and the critics blasted it with both barrels. Oh well. Perhaps this second attempt will light the way to further Suicide Squad movies. In the James Gunn sequel, Cena plays an old anti-hero who uses violence to enforce peace. The contradiction is appalling and ironic at the same time. The most important thing to know about the Peacemaker, can he produce a profit.



119161_e76cbc9bbf5171ef9e2b1b30c4c70f609b3a9cda-201x300 Peace is Worth Fighting for...Fightin Five #40

The Peacemaker would make an interesting addition to the Suicide Squad as he is conflicted and has had several incarnations that could amalgamate into an interesting reluctant hero. Buying this comic would get you in on the ground floor of this character. I am sure these books are rare after all only 7 exist in CGC Census. Further, there have only been two recorded sales nothing earth-shaking here. But as long-shot potential character speculation, it might play. One of these books sold for $30 in 2014 in grade 7.0 and considering that was five years ago at least the book has forward momentum.





119447_663df33d6ab84f2fbcd2bbe2bbb7db184e1c914b-196x300 Peace is Worth Fighting for...Peacemaker #1

This character is a long-shot of long-shots. Peacemaker #1 was created in 1967 by Dick Giordano, Joe Gill, and Pat Boyette (script) with Boyette and Montes on pencils. Even back then the zeitgeist was beginning to acknowledge collectors, look at the cover of Peacemaker #1 “Collector’s edition…” the concept of the comic collector was alive and well building vast fortunes in this seemingly kids hobby even in the 60s. It is truly astonishing some of the foresight of collectors back in the day. It was a time well before, princely sums for comics, billion-dollar movies and well before even specialty comic book stores. This comic book at least has some redeeming qualities namely: it has a recent sale in 2019 and a $149 price. This is a nice return for a minor character in grade 8.5.



The Peacemaker has had many incarnations one is in Justice League International #65. Apparently, some kind of otherworldly affair where he helps the heroes. Again this is another bargain bin special and probably about as cheap as you can go for a speculation deal. The Peacemaker is completely dependent on Cena’s lines and performance on Suicide Squad, total trick shot even for speculative gunslingers. But who knows, after all the “Peacemaker” is the gun that won the West.

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