PAPERCUTZ is shocked to announce the breakup of THE HARDY BOYS

by Jeff

jan111264 PAPERCUTZ is shocked to announce the breakup of THE HARDY BOYSMedia Release — The world-famous Hardy Boys have been solving mysteries together for what seems like forever, but a rift in their relationship is threatening to tear them apart. After the events of THE HARDY BOYS The New Case Files #1 “Crawling with Zombies,” Joe and Frank no longer want to work with each other. To Frank, Joe is too impulsive and a liability to have around. Joe sees his brother as too slow to act, leading to missed opportunities. Their differences almost led to catastrophic consequences they barely avoided in their last mission.

Volume #2 “BREAK-UP!” finds the two brothers forced into working together, as they have been assigned a joint case by A.T.A.C. that will necessitate them going undercover together as contestants on a popular reality TV series “Break-Up,” to find out why a contestant has mysteriously died. Will they be able to hold things together long enough to solve the case? And will this turn out to be their last case? If being on the show doesn’t kill them, the strain of working together just might!

Legendary comics writer Gerry Conway and artist Paulo Henrique take the world-famous teen sleuths in a bold new direction that’s sure to thrill and possibly shock Hardy Boys fans. See why Kirkus Reviews called THE HARDY BOYS The New Case Files #1 “[A] fresh graphic-novel retooling,” and that “Henrique’s art… provide[s] a simmering friction between the brothers.”

Comics legend Gerry Conway wrote the classic Amazing Spider-Man #121 “The Night Gwen Stacy Died,” which Marvel named one of its greatest comic books of all time. He has also written for Batman, Detective Comics, Flash (DC), Captain America, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man (Marvel Comics) and countless others. Paulo Henrique has illustrated The Hardy Boys graphic novels volumes 7 through 20 and continues his run with The Hardy Boys The New Case Files. He first brought his unique Manga style to the United States in Top Cow Productions’ Myth Warriors.

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