Panther on the Prowl

by Norman Robinson III

118895_b43dd89462df26cff964448fad8611e21ac50a40-197x300 Panther on the Prowl

The first appearance of Black Panther was in Fantastic Four #52.  Currently, this book is ranked #1 most popular Silver Age comic book.  GoCollect has seen a 3 rank increase in it’s popularity recently. The comic has upward price pressure.  The first appearance of the Black Panther in his own movie is due out February 16, 2018.  Over the last two years, FF #52 has increased in market price by 13.4% (for a 2.0 grade CGC copy) in the GoCollect ratings!  We still have more than three months to go before this movie opens.  It is not too late to own a copy.

The beauty of this comic is the average collector can buy it for a couple of hundred bucks in the lower grades.  Owning this first appearance of Black Panther, is a must for any collection.  You need to simply buy it, and hold onto it.  This comic as speculation is almost investment grade level, meaning high quality and durability, kind of like T’Challa’s Black Panther vibranium armor. Remember, vibranium isn’t only indestructible, it is also a rare commodity like this comic.  This first key appearance is a must own.

There are several factors that make it a must own key:  First, the artist of FF#52 is Jack Kirby arguably the most famous artist from that age of Marvel and inductee into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame 1987 among his many accolades; essentially a master artist and legend.   Second, this book has award winning inker Joe Sinnott’s work, also Eisner Hall of Fame inductee. Third, and unique to this book is the added bonus of this comic being the first superhero of African (Wakandan) background in Marvel comics.  This was a huge milestone in July 1966. Looking back this is a piece of pop culture produced by Marvel to be proud of.  This one, will stand the test of time.  Especially, with Chad Boseman playing the character the Black Panther with the same finesse he showed in Captain America: Civil War.  Own this first appearance of the Black Panther in FF #52 and live without fear of the Panther’s rage.

Punisher for President

Everyone likes the Punisher, he is Marvel’s anti-hero and we love to see him kick butt.  The villains get what they deserve, and are punished for their bad behavior.  The Netflix/Disney movie machine has created The Punisher series. Jon Bernthal is playing the indomitable Frank Castle.  This series comes out 11/17/17 and is an opportunity to purchase before The Punisher craze hits.

Comic book fans know the first appearance of The Punisher is Amazing Spider-man #129.  However, this comic has recently rocketed into the price stratosphere.  But you late birds don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to ride the Punisher railroad, even this late in the game.  The best way is to speculate on the Punisher #1 (limited series) comic by Mike Zeck 1986.  This is the first creation of Punisher in his own series.  Also, this is one heck of a good story as well and has five issues in the limited series.

Six years ago, I purchased four of these comics from my local comic store for next to nothing.  They were once ubiquitous, now maybe one copy exists in my entire local comic shop.This is a speculation play on the Punisher popularity.  Purchase up to near mint 9.2, per GoCollect for under $100 as of today!  Then you will own a piece of Punisher’s first series and his first appearance in that series.

In the 1980’s, there were a lot of these comics sold. With that caveat, Punisher fans have grown and added the Millennials to it’s fan base.  There are simply not enough of these copies to go around.   This current price will allow folks to buy into the Punisher popularity, and craze, for mere pennies.  When you compare to the cost of a first appearance, there is no punishment for getting this speculation wrong.  However plenty of upside for purchasing our favorite anti-hero in his first title series.  Remember, vote with your wallet, vote and buy Punisher #1 (limited series)!

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