Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1

by Norman Robinson III

128750_2f66aefd8dc1863ad62e9dd92d72b8f4d4ddcf54-196x300 Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1The big cats of the savannahs are nature’s ferocity in feline form. They move with sinew, grace, and purpose as if each step was a conquest. Another graceful cat predator is Marvel’s popular Black Panther. The public can’t get enough of him in the form of the actor Chadwick Boseman. He appeared in several of the top-selling Marvel movies of all time. Besides, the Black Panther as a superhero is too full of great metaphors to pass up as a writer.

This friendly feline has seen an uptick in popularity during the first half of 2020. Our cool cat superhero is setting new strides in the forgotten Bronze Age first title keys. Yes, his FF#52 first appearance has always been a huge FF key; but now the first self-titled comic book Black Panther #1 has outperformed its standard returns over the last five months. The trend returns are off the hook (comparatively speaking). Let’s load a clip of tranquilizer darts in the (.30 caliber) speculative Browning rifle and bag the most indestructible feline of all…The Black Panther.





BlackPanther-300x109 Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1Black Panther #1

I don’t want to make you nervous, but on this little speculative safari hunt, make sure every shot counts. If the panther sinks his teeth in, all the speculative hype in the world won’t save the life draining from your bank account.


128750_2f66aefd8dc1863ad62e9dd92d72b8f4d4ddcf54-196x300 Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1The Black Panther first appeared in 1976 in his own title. This is pretty much a Jack Kirby creation as he was the script and pencils guy bringing Black Panther #1 to life. According to GoCollect, there is some adjustment on inker credits with Frank Giacoia removed, and John Verpoorten inserted as inker along with Mike Royer. This is the first self-titled Black Panther on-going series. As we prowl the hunting grounds in search of profitable prey let’s examine the low hanging fruit of trend returns.









Black Panther #1 (YTD Return Trends)

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Black Panther #1 9.8 $725 229 +11.8%
9.4 $154 670 +29.4%
9.2 $100 474 +7.8%

bp10_pg1_a-1-203x300 Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1The return trends for Black Panther #1 are simply strong and fantastic to behold as an avid collector, investor, and speculator of the Bronze Age. This book has finally come into its own and should make speculators everywhere purr with satisfaction. The trend return range is positive +7.8 to 29.4% over the last five months, which is significant. These are obviously good solid numbers, but what stands out in this speculation of a Bronze Age minor key? Take a second to review the excel numbers above for hidden value. Have you figured it out? Then write down your answer to compare to my analysis. Always good to self-reflect on any investment. No ideas? Well don’t stare at this speculative beast too long it might attack!

In my humble opinion, the truly great news here is the opportunity to own Black Panther #1, a Bronze Key in such high grade for a couple of hundred Quatloos. The obvious thing that jumps out at me is how cheap very high-end books are for this comic. Look at the 9.4 for only $150, sickeningly cheap. Even the 9.8 grade is within most people’s layaway range, only $725. After all, this comic book is over 40 years old! Sign me up for a copy; this thing has nowhere to go but up in value.



images-2-1 Panther on the Prowl: Black Panther #1Conclusion

Before we bite into this KitKat of delectable speculative sweetness; let’s consider the positive catalysts still surrounding this character. The actor Chadwick Boseman is perfect for this role. The character Black Panther has found an entirely new expanded movie audience. Finally, figure on at least two more films as the first was so successful.

The media hype around the next movie will be enormous and pretty much guarantee Chadwick Boseman’s permanent status as the Black Panther. This will be similar in nature to the fan craze for a certain Wolvie down-under we all know and love. Get hunting now for Black Panther #1 and don’t forget to bring your tranquilizer darts to help capture this potentially ferocious feline investment.

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