Panther Alert!

by Norman Robinson III

128750_2f66aefd8dc1863ad62e9dd92d72b8f4d4ddcf54-196x300 Panther Alert!

One thing every Trekkie knows is the dreaded “Red Alert!” This is when Captain Kirk (Star Trek TOS) sounds the alert over the com to get crew to their battle stations in a moment of crisis. On a side note, Trekkie conventions happen to be a great place to purchase Star Trek comics, check it out. In ten days; one of the coolest heroes and fan favorites is going to be uncaged and set upon the public. That hero is the Black Panther; hence, this is a Black Panther Alert!

Black Panther #1 is the first self-titled ongoing series with pencils and script by the awesome one himself, Jack Kirby. This comic is ranked 3rd most popular issue after rising 20 spots (GoCollect). These ranking are based off a whopping 131 sales records in the last three months! Simply outstanding numbers for comic book speculation. Besides, it is his first appearance with Black Panther title, better buy it now if you don’t already own it as the price will be out of sight. Afterwards, there will probably be demand for at least two more stand-alone movies; this makes a great catalyst.

Can you imagine the price for this comic in four more years, or even after the next Avengers movie? The numbers tell a tale of feline ferocity. If you can afford a (9.8) near mint of this comic it has returned 29% in the last three months alone. The three-month trend is in the green for almost every grade of this comic, with a 7.5 very-fine minus going for an average of $81. Take this comic book out about six years, and the numbers dig their claws in, with returns as high as 45%!

Panther Alert! Panther Alert! Get this comic now, because there is such a short supply once this movie ignites you won’t be able to touch a copy of this kitten. It has the purrfect numbers and a great CATalyst with two films on the horizon for this character. Furthermore, the best returns I have seen in a minor Marvel character from the 1960’s period. Purchase Black Panther #1 in any grade, and you too can “thank the panther spirit for this victory!”


Yes, Ren and Stimpy from the 1990’s, your time has finally come. The first printing of The Ren & Stimpy Show #1 comic is a long-term buy and hold. The script was written by Dan Slott and pencils by Mike (Eeodiot!) Kazaleh. Be sure when you purchase this it is the first print; it came bagged with “Air Foulers.” Additionally, warnings for the 2nd printing has text on the cover that reads “Eediot! Eet’s a second printing! Eet’s worthless! (GoCollect)” Funny huh? It made me laugh just writing this piece. Watch out you don’t want to be an Eeodiot!

Millenials have a tremendous purchasing power in pop culture. Many of the things that they grew up with are now collectibles. Ren and Stimpy were funny and popular when I was in my twenties with the gen-xer crowd. I guess the much younger millennials apparently liked it too.  The numbers seem to support higher-end slabbed issues 9.6 or greater going for $90 and have increased by 350% over the last four years. Warning: the sales records are small in number representing a slight skew, but on eBay currently there are several for sale with interest around $10 for a readable copy. That is pretty good for a comic with no movie, no superheroes and not as yet any prospects.

Let’s not run out and pay top dollar for this comic; what I am suggesting dear readers is merely hunting down a near mint copy and slabbing it. If you hit a 9.6, you made a profit. Don’t be an Eediott! Next time you are at your local comic store; keep your eyes peeled for a first print of The Ren and Stimpy Show #1. If nothing else, it makes for a hilarious read, enjoy.

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