Paging Doctor Minerva!

by Michael Vlachakis

129104_10a768631adb69bd5d337fdc1c3cd196042fa21c-197x300 Paging Doctor Minerva!

That Captain Marvel is so hot right now!  There is a frenzy among collectors to get their hands on anything Captain Marvel.  Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel #1 has nearly doubled in price in a year.  Avenging Spider-Man #9 is the hottest modern book, and speculation about Monica Rambeau has proven me somewhat correct on Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 as it’s price has nearly doubled as well.  From Ronan, to Mar-vell, to the rest of the cast…we have no clue what Captain Marvel will hold for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or comics that feature these characters.  We will soon see if all of this market movement is accurate hype or if people are putting their faith in the wrong characters being break-out stars.

Dr. Minerva (Minn-Erva, for those who are sensitive to Kree culture) is a character who has been prominently featured in the recent Captain Marvel trailer and some online featurettes about the upcoming movie.  The character will be portrayed by actress Gemma Chan in the film.  In the comics, the character has a background that should similarly translate to the movie from all the evidence we have thus far.  Minerva is a gifted Kree geneticist who is part of an earth-based team studying humanity and constantly trying to gain a foothold in their war with the Skrulls.  Part of what we know, that is making speculation difficult, is the time warp factor.

The Captain Marvel movie takes place in the past, so it can be difficult to speculate on any future that it may be based on.  As part of my continuing effort to speculate ahead of the curve, I have been keeping an eye on everything Captain Marvel.  One of the books that has peaked interest for me is Captain Marvel #50, from 1977, which is the first appearance of Dr. Minerva.  Currently this book is hard to track, as the analytics are off the charts.  9.6 graded copies are up an astounding 407%…and I have confirmed this significant jump with a recent eBay sell where a 9.6 went for for over $300.  9.8 sells have been sparse in the past year, with one sell logged on Heritage auctions and one on eBay and this book has shown a positive pricing trend of 71%.  I’d expect this number to climb as copies make their way onto the market with the pending movie release.  9.0 and 9.4 grades are also showing positive gains over the 100% threshold, it looks like this book is getting a ton of momentum and should be a great score for anyone holding a copy.

I love books that tend to be rare as they can cause a splash if and when they hit.  If you had one of the seven copies of Jungle Action #6 prior to Killmonger making a grand debut in Black Panther, you had a good day.  Although, not as rare as Killmonger, there are only 28 9.8 graded copies of Captain Marvel #50 which does make it rare for a bronze age first appearance book.  The lower grades have been showing a slow creeping up of prices and I think the 9.8 graded books should feel the full force of the growth once the movie comes out.  Snag a copy if they hit the market.

What are your expectations for Captain Marvel and will it play directly into Avengers 4 or do you expect a twist?  Is there a favorite Carol Danvers comic that you are speculating on?  Drop your comments and join in the conversation!

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