Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the Market

by James Jou

125606_7fe44f12e358391ed9e53e21ae72ecd28fd1ac33-205x300 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the MarketTo compete for newsstand space against magazines and DC Comics’ 100-pagers, Marvel began publishing their own thicker books… the Giant-Size. While the wildly unpopular and unvaluable Giant-Size X-Men #1 could benefit from more exposure with yet another article, we will instead look beyond to some of the other Giant-Sized books and see how they are performing in the market.



Immediately after this first issue, the series was subsequently retitled to “Giant-Size Dracula.” Not to be confused with the 2nd Giant-Size Chillers series published just one year later in 1975, which retained its title past just the #1. This book marks the first appearance of Dracula’s daughter, Lilith.

Below are sales for Giant-Size Chillers #1 graded at CGC 9.8. Although the book at a 9.8 sold for very low volume, it has experienced a noticeable trend upwards since 2017.

gs01a-300x181 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the Market

Again, the volume is low at 9.8, so the upward trend could be an anomaly, but it is interesting enough to warrant looking to the nearest grades of CGC 9.6 and 9.4, which combined with 9.8 make up the top half off the book’s entire census. Sales for 9.6 and 9.4 are charted below. With a substantially higher volume of sales in these two grades, here we also see the same upward move that began in 2017. The rate of growth for 9.6 and 9.4 is slower than 9.8, but are nevertheless positive.

gs02b-300x180 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the Market

Surprisingly, from 2017 to present sales prices of Giant-Size Chillers #1 at CGC 9.8 have actually grown at a faster rate than Giant-Size X-Men #1; but keep in mind that the caveat of a lower volume does introduce more volatility. With that, it’s still pretty impressive. Another quick note, it’s also outpacing at 9.6 and 9.4.


126758_700e4cd1ff2a91e4e1ccfb1ae35089bfbbb5c21b-198x300 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the MarketGIANT-SIZE INVADERS #1

The cover of Giant-Size Invaders #1 is, to put it simply, amazing. Sadly, the market of the book has not matched. Sales data for the book spanning the greater part of the last decade are shown below; including grades CGC 9.8-9.4, which represent the top half of the CGC census for the book.

gs03c-300x181 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the Market

Across these high-end grades, sales prices have been flat with CGC 9.6 even slightly negative. The only sale of note is a 9.8 that sold at a high of $637 in late 2016. Compared with the book above, the opportunity cost of investing in Giant-Size Invaders #1 would have been unfavorable.


125692_1307708eceb30d37341034f3e6c057d8953d60a9-207x300 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the MarketGIANT-SIZE CREATURES #1

Of the books examined here, Giant-Size Creatures #1 has a substantially lower volume of sales. In spite of that, its market value has reached heights comparable to that of the book at the top of this article, Giant-Size Chillers #1. Below is the sales data for the book graded at CGC 9.8-9.4, representing the top third of the census.

gs04d-300x181 Other Popular “Giant-Size” Comics in the Market

The most notable event the book experienced was an increase in sales volume in 2016. Since then, the book has also been on a slow but positive trend. Sales prices of 9.8 really took off, but the very, very, very low volume at that grade does not make a trend; not to overstress that too much.



  • Giant-Size Chillers #1 – ADD. The upward trend is only relatively recent, so it would be necessary to keep an eye on it.
  • Giant-Size Invaders #1 – REDUCE
  • Giant-Size Creatures #1 – HOLD



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