Be Prepared: The Osborns Are Coming To The MCU

by Robert D'Ottavi

Spider-Man-Green-Goblin-ds1-1340x1340-1-300x173 Be Prepared: The Osborns Are Coming To The MCU Since Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures agreed to ‘share’ the Spider-Man film rights, Norman and Harry Osborn have been two characters fans have been desperate to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Admittedly, we have had a little bit of an Osborn overload in recent years. The original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy included both Norman and Harry Osborn as various versions of the Green Goblin, as did The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which had Harry taking up the Goblin mantle following the off-screen death of his father. With that in mind, it is understandable that Kevin Feige and co. opted for less-saturated Spider-Man villains in the MCU like Vulture and Mysterio.

Peter Parker’s relationship with the Osborns is strained, to say the least. In whatever version you want to reference, Peter has constantly come between Norman and Harry, with the former often wishing his son was more like Peter. It is a dynamic that has worked for over 50 years, and with the death of Peter Parker’s role model in the MCU, Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, now seems the perfect time for the Osborns to make their grand arrival in the MCU.

The Osborns Are Coming to the MCU

clean-2-198x300 Be Prepared: The Osborns Are Coming To The MCU

The Osborns, and Oscorp in general, have been referenced in the MCU before. In Ant-Man & The Wasp, a mysterious buyer was on the hunt for Hank Pym’s technology. While nothing has been confirmed, many believe that the man behind that attempted purchase was none other than Osborn himself.

By the time Spider-Man 3 rolls around, it would have been seven years since the last live-action appearance of the Green Goblin (Gobbie had a cameo in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). With Spider-Man’s first trilogy in the MCU coming to an end, I think introducing the Osborns just makes too much sense. Rumors seem to indicate that the next wave of Spider-Man movies will see Peter off to college, which is actually where he and Harry Osborn first met, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #31. And sure, while this article is mostly about the Osborns, in that very same comic book, Peter first met Gwen Stacy, another character I could see appearing in the next batch of Spider-Man films under Marvel and Sony.

Spider-Man comics, especially from the Silver Age, are quite expensive. For example, if you wanted to pick-up a low-grade copy of the Green Goblin’s first appearance as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #14 on eBay, you would be looking to drop (at the minimum) $890-$1,000 (USD). Personally, I think that is a pretty good investment in the long-term, and as such, I would look into a higher-grade. On eBay, a 7.5 grade of the book is going for $4,130 (USD), which once Osborn is officially cast in the MCU, will certainly go up in value. That said, there are countless iconic Osborn-filled Spider-Man comics, and below are a list of some I recommend picking up:

clean-3-198x300 Be Prepared: The Osborns Are Coming To The MCU

As a Spidey fanatic, seeing the Green Goblin on-screen always makes me smile. With Peter heading off to college in the upcoming Spider-Man trilogy, I cannot help but feel like the Osborns in the MCU are not a case of if, but rather when.


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