Orson Scott Card Featured In The Mighty Marvel Podcast

by Jeff

It’s that time again for another Mighty Marvel Podcast. Turn up your speakers because this time fan favorite host and Senior Art Director Jeff Suter sits down with Nebula Award-winning author Orson Scott Card, creator and writer of the legendary science fiction novel Ender’s Game! Here is your chance to get the inside look as Suter speaks to Card about his involvement with the new Ender’s Game comic adaptation! Card also talks about how involved the comic will be in the upcoming Ender’s Game film! Don’t forget to be on the lookout this October as Marvel presents Ender’s Game #1, hitting store shelves near you!

Listen to this latest Mighty Marvel Podcast right here:
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Or download it here:

Also, be on the look out for future podcasts on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comicstories.1622.Marvel_Podcast_Central, or subscribe to the Mighty Marvel Podcast on iTunes (that way you never miss any of the action packed installments)!

For more on Ender’s Game and Orson Scott Card, please visit http://www.hatrack.com

Ender’s Game © 2008 Orson Scott Card. All rights reserved.

EndersGame Orson Scott Card Featured In The Mighty Marvel Podcast

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