Opportunity Knocks for the Man Without Fear!

by Norman Robinson III

719055_daredevil-1-199x300 Opportunity Knocks for the Man Without Fear!The recent Daredevil TV series left fans speechless, stunned, and absolutely grateful that Daredevil had been done right. During the last several years, all the big books and larger than life Marvel characters have seen their key books inflate dramatically in value. This was true of Daredevil #1 as well. However over the last year or so, basically all of 2019 this key book has fallen in value across the graded spectrum. Why? Not from some global threat, or economic catastrophe, simply put they canceled the Daredevil series on Netflix on October 19th, 2018. Over the ensuing year, this Silver Age comic book dropped in value between -7% to -16%. Does opportunity knock for this key book, and will any brave speculators answer the door?






daredevil-best-marvel-series-cover-600-1095899-1280x0-1-300x165 Opportunity Knocks for the Man Without Fear!Daredevil #1

Daredevil has a ton of fans, many of whom are pure collectors and just want to get a little piece of the “Man Without Fear!” The best way to invest in comics is to buy when everyone is looking elsewhere. Currently, people are focused on the big books attached to even bigger movies that come in 2021 and beyond. This is certainly the SOP (standard operating procedure) for speculators, buy prior to the movie. How has this book faired over the last year? Further, is there a chance in the future that this character could become as expensive as the Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 comic book series?


Returns (1-Year)

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census By Grade Chance of Catalyst Return
Daredevil #1 2.5 $975 254 75% +8.3
4.5 $1,400 345 75% -8.1%
6.5 $2,710 268 75% -16.2%
7.5 $4,250 212 75% -8%


a55d58cdc590a23d6c5c1b152baa92e8-240x300 Opportunity Knocks for the Man Without Fear!This is the biggest of the Daredevil keys, it has the first appearance, and the origin story, of Daredevil. This book was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964. It also included the first Foggy Nelson and Karen Page appearances, both key to Daredevil’s storyline. The numbers don’t lie for Daredevil #1, the prices have dropped by somewhere around 10% since the TV series was canceled. This was looking at the lower to mid-grade comics only. Look at the rarity in the CGC Census. There are only 254 books with CGC in 2.5 grade, at a cost of $900 for this first appearance. What have the more recent macro-economic events done for this fearless devil? Slightly higher declines initially, but toward the end of March some uptick in lower grades. You don’t need to be hit by Daredevil’s billy club attack to buy this book. It is ripe for a speculator or investor purchase.



marvel-daredevil-season-2-easter-eggs-references_0-1-300x168 Opportunity Knocks for the Man Without Fear!Conclusion

The Silver Age has an enormous track record of success. But if you could boil that success down to one thing for the Silver Age comics, that one thing would be rarity. The fact only 200-300 have been CGC’d for any particular grade means they are not a dime a dozen. Remember the speculator is a different breed, fearless, without remorse, and above all else trying to go against popular convention.

Currently, some reviewers see doom and gloom, not me, any speculator worth his salt knows that a decrease in some pricing is merely an opportunity to buy on the cheap, and eventually sell at maximum profit. Don’t be chained to the past (yep, I went there) Daredevil #1 represents an opportunity to show you are a man without fear, will you answer that knock at the speculative door?

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