Open a 1970s Time Capsule in BACK ISSUE #49

by Jeff

APR111277 Open a 1970s Time Capsule in BACK ISSUE #49Media Release — BACK ISSUE, the “retro comics experience,” digs up a “1970s Time Capsule” for its 49th issue. It flashes back to the early Bronze Age, spotlighting all the key moments of that era: Relevance in comics, Planet of the Apes, DC Salutes the Bicentennial, Kung-Fu Fighter, FOOM and Amazing World of DC Comics, groundbreaking new formats, Fireside Books’ reprints, Fast Willie Jackson, Marvel Comics calendars, Captain Sticky, and a countdown of the Bronze Age’s Biggest Events.

It features art by and commentary from NEAL ADAMS, FRANK BRUNNER, JOHN BUSCEMA, DICK GIORDANO, BOB LARKIN, PAUL LEVITZ, ELLIOT S! MAGGIN, DOUG MOENCH, DENNY O’NEIL, MIKE PLOOG, and other top creators of the Bronze Age of Comics. The issue’s cover features ’70s superstar Deathlok the Demolisher by RICH BUCKLER and JOHN BEATTY. Back Issue is edited by MICHAEL EURY.

Diamond Order Code: APR111277

In anticipation of the issue’s release, TwoMorrows Publishing is letting readers download a FREE PDF PREVIEW of the issue at this link:

Click to access BackIssue49Preview.pdf

This preview features a good sampling of the other various interviews, articles, and art from the issue.

The full issue is available for pre-ordering as a PRINT or DIGITAL EDITION directly from TwoMorrows at this link (print customers will receive a free link to the digital edition):

BACK ISSUE #49 will be on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday, June 22.

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