Oni Press releases GUERILLAS VOLUME 3 digital chapters on Comixology

by Jeff

hLDvyOOm Oni Press releases GUERILLAS VOLUME 3 digital chapters on ComixologyMedia Release — Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is pleased to release GUERILLAS VOLUME 3 by Brahm Revel (former storyboard artist on Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros.). The third installment of Revel’s creator-owned series will be released as digital chapters on Comixology weekly, from March 22nd to April 19th.

GUERILLAS depicts a top-secret program initiated by the Nixon administration during the height of the Vietnam conflict. Said Revel, “They’ve begun using specially trained chimps to fight the war in Southeast Asia. The action follows a timid new recruit who accidentally falls in with the experimental apes, but as they hump through the damp jungles of Vietnam, it becomes unclear if these chimps are a stable fighting unit or an erratic and volatile pack of animals. The chimps have gone through the U.S. military machine and are trying to reconcile the ideas and orders that they’ve been taught with their innate instinctual drives.”

The print edition of GUERILLAS VOLUME 3 (ISBN 978-1620102046) is available for pre-order at local comic shops. In this edition, we learn the secret origins of Adolf, Goliath and the rest of the apes as Dr. Heisler struggles to regain control of an increasingly dangerous situation in the jungle of Vietnam. When the country itself turns against the troops, death and destruction will follow in the wake.

The final order cutoff for the print volume is Monday, April 25th.

GUERILLAS VOLUME 3 goes on sale May 18th.

Volumes 1 and 2 of GUERILLAS are available at local comic shops, or on comiXology.

*Due to the higher volume of content in each, these chapters will be available digitally for $1.99.

Chapter 1 – Releasing on March 22nd, 40 pages
After the death of one of their own, the chimps reflect on what brought them to Vietnam in the first place. And as their cloudy past comes more into focus, they are forced to reconcile why it is they’ve continued to fight.

Chapter 2 – Releasing on March 29th, 31 pages
The chimps desperately search for Goliath after he mysteriously vanishes into the depths of the jungle. A storm is gathering.

Chapter 3 – Releasing on April 5th, 32 pages
The past washes over the chimps as repressed memories continue to surface. It’s clear that Professor Heisler will stop at nothing to make this experimental program a success.

Chapter 4 – Releasing on April 12th, 23 pages
As flashbacks of the chimps’ training echo against the approaching monsoon, Dr. Worzle matches wits with Prof. Heisler.

Chapter 5 – Releasing on April 19th, 54 pages
In the thrilling finale of volume 3, Goliath returns to do battle with the ancient gods that reside in the hearts of the every jungle.
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