Oni Press previews three Fall 2023 series

by Charles LePage

Oni Press has released previews for Jay Stephens’ DWELLINGS #2, Jordan Thomas and Shaky Kane’s THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1, and Matt Lesniewski’s FACELESS AND THE FAMILY #1.

The press release follows:

Media Release — Hot on the heels of two sold-out printings of Eisner Award nominee Jay Stephens’ horror smash DWELLINGS #1, Oni Press – the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning publisher of graphic fiction for all ages – is proud to present three, all-new looks ahead at the next mind-bending titles from a class of master cartoonists at the peak of their craft!

Alongside Stephens’ much-anticipated next installment of the 72-page, bi-monthly horror hit in DWELLINGS #2 (on sale October 6), gaze forward (and drool accordingly) at THE MAN FROM FROM MAYBE #1 – a two-fisted, 48-page injection of post-apocalyptic postmodernism – from rising star Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, XINO) and the legendary psychedelic warlord of the UK comic book scene Shaky Kane (2000 AD, The Bulletproof Coffin)! Then: Eisner Award nominee Matt Lesniewski (Mind MGMT Bootleg) debuts his latest and greatest masterwork in FACELESS AND THE FAMILY #1 (on sale November 1) – a double-sized, 48-page introduction to Lesniewski’s saga of friendship, redemption, and adventure on an unforgiving alien world presented in pristine black and white.

“There are no great comics without great artists and, at Oni, one of our primary missions is to celebrate and elevate the extraordinary cartoonists who are pushing the comics medium into unexpected new dimensions,” said Hunter Gorinson, Oni Press President & Publisher. “As we prepare to unleash a raft of surprises in 2024, mark these words: big, bold, ambitious. Those are the kinds of books that motivate us to come to work in the morning, and I’m proud to say that Jay Stephens, Shaky Kane, and Matt Lesniewski are delivering on that promise and then some.”

“We’re singularly focused on one thing: Powerful storytelling that explores the boundless creative freedom of what comics can and should be. At Oni, we’re working on comics and graphic novels that take full advantage of the medium to seize imaginations, shatter expectations, and drive the conversation about where comics can and should be headed next. We’re so lucky to work alongside such remarkable creators and cartoonists who exemplify that raw ingenuity on every page of their work,” added Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sierra Hahn.

DWELLINGS #2 (of 3)
Written and Illustrated by Jay Stephens
Cover A by Jay Stephens
Cover B by David López
Cover C by Dave Bardin
Bloody Variant (1:10) by Jay Stephens
$9.99 | 72 PAGES | ON SALE OCTOBER 18

72 pages of terror returns in another triple-sized, bi-monthly dose of the series that has the comic industry screaming: Dwellings!

Emmy Award-winning, Eisner-Award-nominated cartoonist and animator Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays, Jetcat Clubhouse) welcomes you back to Elwich-the small town where the secrets run deep, the quiet streets harbor murderous intent, and even the spirits are prone to fits of jealous rage!

In this issue: Two must-read tales of supernatural psychosis and paranormal paranoia! First: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you in “Quiet, Suki,” especially if that hand is a talking puppet! Then: Investigative reporting meets infrasound in “Sound Mind,” as the ghosts of the past come roaring forth.

Written by Jordan Thomas
Art by Shaky Kane
Cover A by Shaky Kane
Cover B by David Rubín
Cover C by Nick Cagnetti
Character Design Variant (1:10) by Shaky Kane
Full Art Variant (1:15) by David Rubín
Full Art Variant (1:20) by Nick Cagnetti

In the dry and dead future that’s coming soon, all life belongs to Oppenheimer-obsessed billionaire Harvard Denny and his corporate scavengers from Smile, Inc., who pillage the wastelands in search of atomic contraband.

As the race to acquire a crashed spacecraft’s cargo begins, our fate will be decided by a masked bandit and the cold iron of his laser rifle. He knows no name, no home, no surrender-only the whispered hush of those in need who dare call him . . . THE MAN FROM MAYBE!

Give yourself over to an upside-down world where all mutants eat lead and all dinosaurs speak truth in the DOUBLE-SIZED, 48-PAGE debut of a postmodern, post apocalyptic epic of Western-infused action from rising star Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, XINO) and psychedelic warlord Shaky Kane (Bulletproof Coffin, The Beef) as the Man From Maybe sets his sights on THE CRATE OF DEATH!

Written & Art by Matt Lesniewski
Cover A by Matt Lesniewski
Cover B by Juan Gedeon
Cover C by Dustin Weaver
Sketchbook Variant (1:10) by Matt Lesniewski
Full Art Variant (1:15) by Juan Gedeon
Full Art Variant (1:20) by Dustin Weaver
B&W Variant by Matt Lesniewski

From the magnificently distorted imagination of Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Matt Lesniewski (Mind Mgmt Bootleg, Crimson Flower, The Freak) comes a new milestone in comic book storytelling that must be seen to be believed: Faceless & the Family!

On the broken and warped world known as the Hand Planet, the wanderer simply called Faceless ekes out existence on the margins to escape the shame that cost him his name and his identity. Exiled for his crimes, Faceless now calls the wastelands his home—until the good fortune of fate delivers him a mismatched band of fellow travelers who will soon become family…if they can survive a suicidal mission into the Hand Planet’s class-segregated Finger Cities to restore what lies beneath Faceless’s helmet and, with it, his hope in humanity.

About the Company

The Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Merged with Lion Forge Comics in 2019 but established in 1997, Oni Press publishes a thoughtfully curated line of award-winning original and licensed graphic novels and comic books for readers of all ages. Notable titles from the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group include: The Tea Dragon Society, Sheets, Gender Queer, A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, Scott Pilgrim, and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty™.

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