Oni Press offers two comics for Free Comic Book Day 2012

by Jeff

Oni%2520Press%2520FCBD12_BAD%2520MEDICINE Oni Press offers two comics for Free Comic Book Day 2012Media Release — Saturday is Free Comic Book Day around the world, and Oni Press has two titles available from participating retailers.

You read that right. Two One Press comics for nothing. Zero. Zilch. Gratis. Free!

The first title is the debut issue in a brand-new ongoing series, Bad Medicine.


Writers: Nunzio DeFillipis & Christina Weir

Artist (Both Stories): Christopher Mitten

Colorist: Bill Crabtree

Writer (Back-up Story): Antony Johnston

Pulled out of exile from a dark corner of the world, renowned-surgeon-turned-fringe-medicine-eccentric Doctor Randal Horne must return to New York City to investigate a tragic research lab accident that’s left one man dead, and inexplicably headless. Now with the help of a distrusting NYPD detective he must diagnose whether this strange case was truly a random act of misfortune or the first calculated move by an invisible psychotic murderer.

Plus an all-new Wasteland back-up story by series creators Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten.

Get Bad Medicine #1 at Free Comic Book Day, and order #2 from the same retailer who hooked you up. The story continues on June 13!’

Meet the creators of Bad Medicine!

Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir will be appearing at Brave New World Comics in Newhall, Califonia! http://www.bravenewworldcomics.com/

Christopher Mitten will be signing at Challengers in Chicago! http://challengerscomics.com/

Oni%2520Press%2520FCBD12_YoGabbaGabba Oni Press offers two comics for Free Comic Book Day 2012YO GABBA GABBA! FREE COMIC BOOK TIME

From the hit Nickelodeon show! Come join your Gabba Land pals Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, Plex, and of course DJ Lance Rock for a series of fun-filled adventures! Plus, an awesome Super Martian Robot Girl tale, too!

Writers: Jamie S. Rich, Kali Fontecchio, Frank Pittarese, Evan Dorkin, & Sarah Dyer

Artists: Michael Allred, Kali Fontecchio, Jarrett Williams, & Evan Dorkin, with Han Allred, Rico Renzi, & Sarah Dyer

Meet Evan Dorkin at Comic Book Jones in Staten Island, New York! http://comicbookjones.com/

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